Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Depression Recovery Program

It's Tuesday night as I write this, and I've just returned home from my Botany class at UCLA Extension. I think that one of the things I like most about this certificated program in Gardening and Horticulture is the people.

Not only are they a diverse group in terms of backgrounds, countries of birth, age, and so much more...but for many, they are learning about gardening and horticulture in order to change careers--whether now or sometime down the road.

And, this shared interest in gardening and a desire to pursue a new field of study is a terrific combination. I think that when we meet others who are wanting to change and grow, there is an openness and vulnerability that allows us to cut through a lot of the "crap" that usually prevents true communication.

In addition, I believe that people who are willing to commit to something new--by enrolling in a certificated program, which in this case requires nine classes--are a different breed than those who take a class here or there, but are less committed to achieving a specific goal.

I feel blessed that I made the decision to try something that's so far afield from anything I've done before. I am delighted with the course content. It's exciting to immerse myself in nature. And, I believe this program is one of the key components of my personal Depression Recovery Program.


Writing Works said...

I am really glad that you are enjoying your class!! It's great to be with a group of like-minded people!! :)

Wendy Love said...

Love hearing about a new project and new passion for you Susan! Thanks for sharing it all, along the way....

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Writing Works,
It is truly great fun to be doing this! Thanks for your support!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Wendy,
It is fun to have a new passion and to share it. Tomorrow I plan on writing about how my ability to commit to a program like this is a huge milestone for me. Thanks for your support.


marja said...

You inspire me Susan. Makes me think that perhaps I should try something brand new as well. I've dabbled a bit in drawing and painting. Taking a class to improve my skills and encourage me might be just the thing I need.

I enjoy how you are sharing all this with us. When we share like that we learn from each other and inspire each other.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
When I took my first photography class two years ago, I felt like it was a great new adventure. But, this program is even better for me because of the commitment, the commaraderie, and my interest in ultimately writing about gardening and horticulture.

Also, it's important for me that it has nothing to do with illness or wellness. It's just about plants, mother earth, and the great outdoors!

P.S. But, I'm glad if it inspires you!

Tamara (TC) Staples said...


I remain happy for you as this path you are on continues to fulfill you. Plus, I am hoping for lots of gardening tips next spring! ;-)


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Tamara,
Thanks for much for your support. And, you're terms of gardening tips!


chang said...

i like ur website. thanks for this comment posting...

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Chang,
Glad you like it!