Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thanks to Our Virtual Support Group

One of the best aspects of blogging is meeting so many people online who are so supportive. As many of you know, fall is the worst time of year for me. And last year, I experienced one of the most devastating depressive episodes ever. However, I believe that just because something has been a certain way in the past doesn't mean it needs to remain that way in the future.

During these last days of September, and with October on the horizon, I am suddenly feeling better rather than worse. And that's great news!

Part of it is because I realized that a lot of the tension I'd been feeling was related to my son's Lasik surgery. Not only was the surgery successful, but my son has healed very quickly. And I thank God for that!

And part of my feeling better surely has to do with the support I've gotten from all of you. As I write this, I'm too tired to thank everyone personally and list the links to your blogs, but know how much I appreciate your kindness, advice, empathy, and goodwill! It has made a huge difference!

P.S. My botany class meets tonight and I'm leaving early because it's the first session. So...thanks for leaving comments. Know that I won't be able to moderate them until much later tonight, and I hope to respond before midnight (my time).


marja said...

Glad you're feeling well, Susan. Yes, you're right. Just because something has been some way in the past, doesn't mean it always has to be that way. I sincerely hope it's that way. For myself as well, as my difficult time of the year is approaching.

We're both doing everything we can and that is good. I'm going to look forward to Christmas this year, thinking of all the neat things I can do to make it a happy time.

Coffee Table said...

So glad to hear the surgery was a success and recuperation is going well!

Paula Joy said...

I'm thanking God with you that your son's surgery went well!

I am so happy that you are feeling better than this time last fall. We are here for support, and just knowing we all have each other makes me realize how blessed I am.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
I'm really glad that you're doing better as well...and that you're looking forward to Christmas this year rather than dreading it.

I'm hoping that if we use our collective strength and problem-solving abilities to overcome our fall and holiday challenges, then perhaps this year things will truly be better.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Sue,
Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it. I hope you're feeling well. I haven't spent much time online during the last few weeks because I've needed to concentrate on my own wellness activities.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula,
Thanks for all your love and prayers! As I wrote in response to Marja's comment, if I begin feeling depressed in the coming months, I'm going to try and use our collective strength, knowledge, problem-solving abilities--and perhaps I should add prayers--to heal!


catatonickid said...

It's so true, Susan and I'm really glad you get that from it. The sense of 'community' has been such a positive force, far greater than I ever would have guessed going into the whole blogging thing.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear CK,
Nice to hear from you! Yes, it is true and oh so comforting, isn't it?


Mariposa said...

Wow...so much good news here! :)

I'm glad to hear the success of your son's Lasik surgery...I was just talking to the IT Guy yesterday and was telling him that if my eye checkup this weekend tells me that my eyesight is declining, I'll have Lasik.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Mariposa,
It was an easy decision for my son to make and much more difficult for my husband and me. But, I'm so grateful it was successful, and that my son sees so much more clearly without glasses!


Tamara (TC) Staples said...


Thanks to you, in return! You have been a wonderfully supportive friend and I have found your blog to be immeasurably helpful. Glad that the change of seasons is going well for you. Also, very glad your son is happy with this surgery.

I have been having a lupus flare and typing is difficult with swollen, painful joints. Began prednisone yesterday and I can type today without so much pain. Yippee!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Tamara,
So sorry to hear that you have Lupus and have had it flare up. But I'm glad you're taking something that's making you feel better.

And I so appreciate what you've written about my blog. I feel an affinity with you as well. And I'm so glad we've become friends!