Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bipolar Blogging and Depression (Part 2)

After I started writing this series about Bipolar Blogging and Depression, I decided I needed a week off. So, I ended up posting about the importance of playing for adults, and toys I enjoy. The stats on these days were lower than usual, and there were far fewer comments.

And I realized once again that when I post on topics that people don't perceive as "important," there isn't as much participation. But, I also know that whether or not my readers feel these topics are important, in fact, they are.

After years of trial and error, I have learned that when I personally begin feeling depressed, writing about it and thinking about it makes me feel worse. While my readers are quite empathetic with my situation, and that's always nice, writing about negative feelings engenders more negative feelings.

Yet, writing about wellness activities like playing and toys makes me feel better. So, why is that?
(to be continued)


Danielle said...

I found (about a year ago) that writing about my mood swings made them incredibly that I don't focus on them I experience them less...and I feel better when writing about the positive in my life.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Danielle,
Glad to hear from you. I know you've been swamped with teaching four classes, and I've mostly been offline for the last 10 days.

Thanks for letting me know this works for you as well.

It's something I feel strongly about, and it is confirmed by a lot of the research on writing to heal, but people either don't believe it (I've posted about this a number of other times), or I guess they just like to dwell on their unhappiness. I'm not sure which!

Anyway, I'm glad this works for you! Hope you're feeling less overwhelmed. I'll drop by your blog later today!


marja said...

Hi Susan,

Sorry that you're struggling. And too bad that it appears people aren't reading or showing an interest in your blog right now. Though I must say, I've hardly had any traffic to my blog either over this past week. Merelyme complained about the same thing. Wonder what's going on?

But please take heart and don't give up writing. I'm not going to.

About writing about the feelings of depression. I believe in writing out the bad stuff and then, at the end of the writing, add elements of hopefulness. Never ending with the bad feelings.

David did so wonderfully in the Psalms, especially his psalms of lament. He's a good example to follow.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Thanks for your concern. Actually, I'm not struggling. I just felt this was an important topic, and was surprised more people didn't comment.

As I've written before, I feel that most bipolar blogs are downbeat and negative. And I believe that contributes to people feel worse rather than better.

So, when I write about something fun and entertaining, I guess I'm always disappointed when I don't get more of a response.


Emma said...

I wonder if others may have shared my response to your posts on 'play', a twitch of the lips, a smile, and a trickle of memories evoked by the list of past toys or playthings. I confess I did not think to comment, I simply enjoyed the moment! It would seem many items on your list were universal and so were also a feature of my childhood in NZ. It was fun to remember toys and games, and to realise how important it is to include 'play' into our lives as adults. I lose myself watching my new puppy and her attempts to amuse herself with toys and games of her own devise. Such simple joy and pleasure, makes me smile and laugh with delight.
Susan, continue to write about what moves you, stimulates your mind, and lifts your spirits. I believe you will continue to be read by like-minded souls who appreciate your honesty, and commitment to writing from your heart. Dwelling in the darkness is not a good place to be, especially when one is tired or feeling fragile. I think it is wonderful how you are integrating your wellness strategies, moving forward and making changes.
You continue to be a source of inspiration and encouragement.
Thank you!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Emma,
Thanks for your comment on this. I genuinely appreciate it.

As always, I toy with the issue of whether I should continue writing about bipolarity and depression, or move away from these topics and focus more on wellness.

But, I think it's probably "much ado about nothing," and I should just continue writing from my always.

So glad to hear about your new puppy and how much fun you're having watching her!