Monday, August 10, 2009

Wellness Activity: Asking Yourself "What If?"

I was skimming through a book in my home library, A Child's Work: The Importance of Fantasy Play by Vivian Gussin Paley, and came across the following quote: "Pretending is the most open-ended of all activities, providing the opportunity to escape the limitations of established rituals. Pretending enables us to ask "What if?"

I, too, believe that "What if?" is a very important question. the context of bipolarity (and life), I pose the following questions.

What if...

1. Bipolarity was considered a personality trait rather than a mental illness?

2. Hibernation was okay for humans, so if you were depressed during the winter it wasn't considered a bad thing, rather just part of the natural process?

3. Mood shifts were good, and people whose mood remained the same all the time were considered very boring and, in fact, mentally ill?

4. Being an introvert was considered a more advanced stage of evolution than being an extrovert?

5. Reading about sad things and bad things and feeling depressed about them was considered a strength rather than a weakness?

6. Needing/wanting to work outdoors during the day was considered a terrific quality, and people who chose to remain indoors sitting at desks were scorned?

7. Being honest, productive, and a creative problem-solver were considered to be the most important qualities for promotion?

8. Doing meaningful work that helps people was considered preferable to being an attorney or a CPA?

9. Working in the arts was considered one of the best professions of all?

10. No one could call himself or herself a healer if he/she truly didn't heal others?

What are some of your "what ifs?"


Coffee Table said...

Oh Susan you've just made my day! I feel the need to respond to some of these (not all, just some..)

1. My bipolarity was considered to be some of my personality traits, until I was diagnosed. It was more of a relief to find out what these roller coaster ups and downs were,than any idea of removing or dismissing my personality to being bipolar.

3. It's funny, I know some people like this and I do consider them to be very boring!

5. I do consider this a strength - it means I am am empathetic, compassionate human being.

8/9. I do work in the arts! too funny!

thanks again - you've started my Monday off really well!

Hope you are well,

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Sue,
Your comment made me smile! My purpose in writing this was just to say that there's another way of perceiving all of this. And, if we perceive it differently we might feel differently about it!

Thanks for sharing!


Paula Joy said...

Most of us live our life according to how the "world" or "they" say things are 'supposed' to be. I think it's time that we step out of that box and start doing what you've done - look at the other options. It's more about our attitude then 'supposed to's'. God made us all unique, and I think it`s about time we embrace that!!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula,
So glad to hear from you, and I hope you're having a fun vacation. What a pleasure to see your "passion" on this topic. And I couldn't agree more!


Wenchy said...

What if I have just lost my mind?

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Wenchy,
I'm not sure how helpful a question that is, but it's all a question of perspective.