Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wellness Activity: Visual Relaxation Therapy

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden at UCLA. It is truly beautiful, and I felt renewed all day! I guess I would call my experience Visual Relaxation Therapy. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Paul Bright said...

wonderful pics!

KJ said...

What a fun day. Love the pictures. I really also liked the last post about reclaiming the morning. So sad about the Ativan and the doctor. I am trying to retrain myself to becomming a morning person because I also love the added hours to my day! Glad you are well.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paul,
Welcome to my blog. Glad you liked the photographs!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear KJ,
It was a fun day, and we had brunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Yes, the Ativan was a real mistake. In retrospect, I can't imagine what he was thinking or why I didn't realize it was a huge mistake. Alas...but it's great to be a morning person once again!


Layla Messner said...

Hey Susan,
I love your photos, and what you have listed as your 'qualifications' (about having survived your 100 depressive episodes). Your post reminded me a lot of my friend George Denslow, who recently wrote a book entitled Living out of Darkness: A personal journey of embracing the bipolar opportunity. Read my review of it here: the Happy Today Blog. If interested, you can learn more about George and the book, and/or read his "Living Out of Darkness Blog" here:

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Layla,
Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your comment, and for letting me know about George's book. I've had a very busy day and I'm very tired, but I'll check your links tomorrow.