Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wellness Activity: Reading

One of my favorite wellness activities is reading. And, I always have plenty of books that I find on remainder tables (the ones that only cost a few dollars) on hand. My latest buy was Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Dr. Wayne Dyer. And I found a wonderful passage I'd like to share with you.

"One of my favorite mentors and storytellers, Anthony de Mello, was a Catholic priest who lived in India and could convert complex philosophical issues into understandable and simple teachings using the art of storytelling. Here's a short tale from The Heart of the Enlightened, in which Father de Mello does a good job of summing up much of what I want to convey to you about living in-Spirit.

"The devotee knelt to be initiated into discipleship. The guru whispered the sacred mantra into his ear, warning him not to reveal it to anyone.

"What will happen if I do?" asked the devotee.

Said the guru, ''Anyone you reveal the mantra to will be liberated from the bondage of ignorance and suffering, but you yourself will be excluded from discipleship and suffer damnation."

No sooner had he heard those words than the devotee rushed to the marketplace, collected a large crowd around him, and repeated the sacred mantra for all to hear.

The disciples later reported this to the guru and demanded that the man be expelled from the monastery for his disobedience.

The guru smiled and said, "He has no need of anything I can teach. His action has shown him to be a guru in his own right."

* * *
Tomorrow and Friday, I will be posting a series on Freelance Writing. I know this is an interest that a number of us share. And, it's something I've been doing for the last 20 years. So, I thought I'd offer a bit of information and advice.


Coffee Table said...

As a free lance writer - am looking forward to it!
Hope you are well.

Wellness Writer said...

Coffee Table,
Glad to hear it. It will be interesting to hear other's perspectives as well!


Paula Joy said...

I enjoy reading, too. A while ago my friends tried to get me into the "reading fiction club", but I found next-to-zero fulfillment in it. I would much rather read something that is going to help me some how.

I'm interested in reading the freelance!


GirlBlue said...

Oh I'm looking forward to this too

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula and GirlBlue,
Well, I guess I'll have to write a particularly good series on freelance writing, won't I?

Paula, I'm not a big fiction reader either although one of my vices is reading mysteries and detective novels. And lately I've been drawn to poetry again!


sallyo said...

I like the thought! I've always been a reader and had to limit my time, or nothing would get done.
Looking forward to your posts on freelance writing.
No pressure, is there?!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear sallyo,
Thanks for your comment. If I can't write about freelance writing after spending 20 years doing it, I would disappoint myself (smiling face). So, there's really no pressure at all.


Mariposa said...

I love reading very much! Reading this post, reminds me of the book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

I'd love to hear/read about free lance writing. :)

Thanks for all Susan!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Mariposa,
You're welcome, and thanks for your comment.


Emma said...

It continues to fascinate me how your chosen topics so often reflect my own interests or thoughts. It is rather nice to know that we (the readers) share similar interests such as reading and writing. So yes, I am also looking forward to your posts on freelance writing!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Emma,
I think it's kind of interesting as well. But, I also believe that since people select the blogs they read, it's not all that surprising.

If you remember the post I wrote about visiting libraries as a wellness activity, that was so heartening to me that other people (yourself included) had their favorite libraries too.

It must be one of those "birds of a feather" moments. Hope you're enjoying your trip.