Friday, July 24, 2009

Wellness Activity: Photo Therapy

Although I had initially planned on continuing my Bipolar Recovery series today, and then I promised Lily I'd respond to her hugely long comments, as I write this I'm exhausted. It's been a very busy day and week. And when I feel depleted, I always switch to a wellness activity. So...I'm going to share a few more photos, and I'll honor my commitments next week.

At the Park

In My Neighborhood

At Will Rogers State Park

P.S. Lily, if you read this before Monday, there are a few sites I've thought of that might help you until I respond to your comments. The first is Mary Ellen Copeland's Wellness Recovery Plan. She's a Ph.D. who's also bipolar, and she's got a program that's evidently very effective in helping people control their illness. The second is the National Empowerment Center whose executive director, Daniel B. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. has recovered from schizophrenia.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy weekend! (I'm going on a field trip today with a friend so I won't be monitoring comments until late this afternoon. But I will respond to each and every comment before I got to bed tonight.)


More Than Conquerors said...


Glad that when you feel depleted, you always switch to a wellness activity. That's a good way to cope.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Photography can be very therapeutic and it's a great therapy. I enjoyed photography very much. I just posted some photos on my blog too. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Nancie,
I'm so glad to hear from you. And I'll drop by later this afternoon to see your photos!

Hugs back at you!


Paula Joy said...

Susan - You know me... I LOVE pictures!! :) Photography always helps me feel better - especially pictures of creation.

Good job on the photos!

marja said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the photos. My favorite one is the goose - so neat to capture it like that with its eye closed. You inspire me to post some photos too, though I need to get permission from my subjects first. I did some photography earlier this week.

Won't be around for awhile. We're going on another holiday. Ten days this time. How lucky can you get, eh? Got lots of books to take along as well as a sketch book and my camera.

I'll try to post on my own blog before I go. How bad I am at blogging!!!

Love, marja

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula,
Thanks ever so much! It was great fun!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
That's my favorite too. Hope you have a great trip. And I look forward to seeing your photos!


KJ said...

Is that first duck picture real? That is so cool if it is. I love it.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear KJ,
Yes, it's real. I was at a neighborhood park where there are ducks and saw this one! Glad you think it's cool!


Ms. said...

thank you Susan! after I wrote you, i looked around your blog some more, and really liked the livingmanicdepressive site. I showed it to my partner, and it helped us have a good healthy discussion about all of this, and how we can help each other (and like I said, she probably has it too- so talk about a Dual Relationship! :) So things have been much cooler now (although it is so hot outside!) and I can breathe some..

I do have my own therapist, been seeing her for a year and half now. Im just so pissed, that I dont think i should waste my copays on her anymore, if she couldn't see all of the signs. Because there were a lot of signs! Im not sure if that is usual protocol (to wait until the person realizes it), but it d be nice if someone could say it straight up to me, "Yes you are bipolar!" then that would have saved me a whole lot of headache. I sent her 3 am emails (which were long winded), she told me that the "details" werent important, and I've even mentioned to her in the beginning that I was probably bipolar because Im so "wired" all the time, she didn't believe me. I also said that i'm "all or nothing" about a lot of things, and I even admitted to her that I liked going to therapy when I was in a "good" mood, and not while I was depressed.

So off to find a new one, and a good one at that (someone who can say it straight up!) and because of my profession and a few other factors, its going to be a toughie.

Thanks for the links, I'll check it out later tonight.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Lily,
I'm glad it helped. I had a garden pruning class today and I'm pooped. But, I did want to tell you that I was in therapy for 10 years on and off (many years ago) and my therapist never ever diagnosed "clinical depression" and the signs were all there too.

It's so unbelievable that I'm almost speechless when I say it!


WillSpirit said...

Hi Susan

I like the picture of the succulent. It kind of reminds me of my moods right now: jagged. Thanks for the prompt to include wellness activity in the midst of my blues.

By the way, in the photo 'Pills I No Longer Take', does that mean you've weaned off all pills? That's a goal I've set for myself, but it is turning out to be really hard. If I cut down too fast I end up truly wanting to kill myself. So it's a balancing act between reduction and survival.

I've been to your site before, but not for a little while. Since my former career imploded almost ten years ago, I am finally getting up the nerve to face my demons and write. That is turning out to be a touchy decision, because I am so very hard on myself. Anyway, I like your tone, so peaceful and wise. I find it inspirational Thank you.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear WillSpirit,
Thanks for all the compliments. I appreciate them. Prompted by you, I'll write a two-post series (probably on Wednesday and Thursday) about pursuing writing as a career.

To me, it's the perfect career. And there are many ways to make money doing it. And yes, you're right--you need to treat yourself gently in order to succeed.

The world out there is harsh enough on writers; we need to be our own best advocates, although it's not always easy.


Danielle said...

I was in a photo mood this weekend also...went on two photo trips this weekend ;)

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Danielle,
I'll have to check out your blog to see what you've shot! Thanks for letting me know.


Mariposa said...

Hi Susan! I love those two sites...for one, the author themselves understand the challenge we go through.

I'm still struggling with my schedule...late last week I thought I'm so ready to hit I busied myself at the kitchen...the entire weekend. I feel better...thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Mariposa,
Thanks for letting me know about the sites. Sorry you were feeling poorly...glad you're better. It's fun to share photos, isn't it?


quillcards said...

Love the duck - that's a wellness activity I can really relate to.

We have a couple of 'model' farms near us, with rare breeds, and they are a good place to go when we can get out of town.

We have also scouted out pet shops and found one where everything about the place says 'caring' - and it's great to talk to the parrots and the guinea pigs.

The relaxation starts at the top of my head and just floods down and out of me, and I can feel a little smile on my face.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear David,
I've never even heard about model farms, but what an interesting concept. And I think it's great to be able to visit pet stores that are "caring" places.

I, too, love animals. And when we were dog-free for a year (after the death of our two dogs), it was very difficult for me.

We adopted Jack (our terrier-chihuahua) two months ago, and I love the feeling of "loving" him.