Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When a Depression Is Over (Part 1)

Laundry Therapy

Last week, I talked about some of the differences I feel when I'm depressed, and when I'm not. Today, I want to share some of the things I do as a form of "reentering life" again.

1. Apologize when necessary. Sometimes, during a depression, there are things I say I'll do, but I'm unable to because I just don't have the motivation and energy. During the period of time when I was so sick so much of the time, I became tired of apologizing for not meeting people's expectations. But, these days I feel I do meet most expectations of the people I care about--much of the time. So, if I'm not able to, the moment I feel better I try and write notes or emails of apology to explain myself.

2. Catch up on milestones. Often, during a depressive episode, I miss birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. Again, while I used to feel really bad about this, I don't any more. The fact is that I do the best I can. However, once a depression is over, I try and catch up by sending cards and/or gifts to people whose milestones I've missed. Over time I've learned that a belated card or gift is better than none at all. So, in the last few days, I've bought and mailed two gifts, one card, and one note-of apology.

3. Write an extended "To Do" list. When I'm not depressed, I'm really well-organized so this isn't a difficult task for me. But, the top things on my list are usually dentist appointments to get my teeth cleaned, doctor's appointments I need to catch up on, a haircut appointment to get my hair colored and styled, and so forth and so on. So, today, I made three doctor's appointments, and I'm trying to find a new hair cutter and colorist and will make that appointment this week as well.

For some people, I know that bill paying is an issue, and for others it's housework. But, my husband pays all the bills in our family. And, knowing how important a clean house is to my husband and son, I never let things go--even during a severe depression. In fact, I could write an entire post on Laundry Therapy, but who would read it?

(to be continued)

P.S. I'm out and about most of the day, but I'll respond to comments as soon as I return.


Emma said...

Share your tips on Laundry Therapy and I can discuss the Zen Art of Ironing!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Emma,
Actually I'm smiling so much from your comment that I just might share my tips on Laundry Therapy so that you'd write about the Zen of Ironing, something I also find highly relaxing.


jinnah said...

There's also "Washing Dishes to a Peaceful Mind."Is there any housework chore that isn't used to centre us?

Susan, this is Jinnah from LivingManicDepressive.com. My website is back up and running and I was wondering if it is good enough for me to get a link from your site. You are of course on mine. jinnahjm@gmail.com

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Jinnah,
A voice from the past. I kept your website on mine forever, and I actually thought we were still linked. But, every once in awhile I remove sites that aren't active any longer.

Sure, I'll put you back. Shall I delete your comment because of your email address, or is it okay to keep it?


Mariposa said...

The towels in the photo seem to jump at me...and I just want to wrap myself with it! LOL

I also tend to say sorry after the storm...and of course catch up while I'm fine. MY List of To Do Things when I'm okay keeps getting longer...and sometimes triggers my mania.

P.S. When you have the time, you may update your link to my site to www.mariposatells.com

Wellness Writer said...

The towels probably jumped out at you because you were thinking about having a massage! Just kidding. And I will update my link.


Florida Sue said...

Susan, I always know when depression is lifting because I start to make plans. My garden starts to look beautiful to me once more, and the kitchen stove beckons. PTSD is my companion and depression is a close friend, so I really can identify with your reentering life list. Wonderful blog you have here, I am rally enjoying it.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Florida Sue,
Welcome to my blog. It certainly is true about gardening, isn't it? And thanks for the compliment about my blog. I genuinely appreciate it!


marja said...

Ironing is one of the best forms of therapy for me as well, though I seldom get around to it. The clothes just pile up so badly that I forget what I have at the bottom of the stack.

Once in awhile, though, I decide to tackle it. It becomes an occasion. I listen to my favourite music and it actually becomes a very pleasurable time. When I iron I can really focus on the music and enjoy it.

Wellness Writer said...

Well, we're all in agreement about ironing, aren't we? It's funny how relaxing we all find it!

P.S. And I love listening to classical music when I iron!

Kelly said...

I'd like to add -- spend time with friends whom I ignored while depressed.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Kelly,
I couldn't agree more. I plan to add to this list tomorrow.