Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wellness Activity: Images That Make Me Happy (Part 2)

I so enjoyed writing yesterday's post that I'm going to continue posting images I like or ones that make me smile! Today, I'm featuring photographs by Irving Penn (Yes, he is Sean Penn's uncle), a famous American photographer who was born in 1917, and is known for his portraiture and fashion photography.

Woman with Roses
Lisa Fonssagrives; 1950


Mariposa said...

I'm trying to run images in my head right now as well...this is really fun! And I will also try to see if focusing in between will do some tricks...I love the first and the last photo...I just love how they're captured...and framed! Brings me back the days when I was learning photography.

And yes, I'm doing our garden...and yes you did inspire me on that! ;)

Wellness Writer said...

It is fun, isn't it? I'm taking a photography class now, and my "eye" is so much more advanced than my ability to shoot. But, the more practice I get, the more I enjoy it!

I'm so glad I inspired you; I only wish that I would work on the garden at my house rather than at a school.


Violet said...

Love the photography!



Wellness Writer said...

Glad you love it! So do I.