Monday, May 18, 2009

Visual Relaxation Therapy

I had a very busy, but fun weekend. And today is going to be a busy day as well. So, rather than posting, I'm just going to share a few pleasurable images. But, before I do, I want to thank everyone who responded to my "prayer circle" post. I think it's a wonderful sign that we can pray or send positive thoughts to someone whether we're feeling well or ill ourselves. And I thank each and every one of you!

Japanese Footbridge, 1987, Claude Monet

The Sisters, 1885, Mary Cassatt

Brook Among Rocks, John Singer Sargent

Nichols Canyon, David Hockney


Periwinkle said...

Hi Susan,

I posted some pictures for G, to lift her spirits up. Please let her know.

Mariposa said...

I love Monet's work...and I bought some replicas of his work!

Wish you a great week...

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Periwinkle,
How extraordinarily sweet of you! I'm not sure if Gianna's responding to emails this week, but I think she may be reading my blog. If so, she'll know or you can leave a comment on her blog and let her know. Either way, I'm very touched by your thoughtfulness.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Mariposa,
I love his work as well. Now that I'm interested in gardens, I can't believe what he accomplished at Giverny.


Toria/Deb said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Toria/Deb,
You're welcome. I'm glad you like them.


Wendy Love said...

I loved all of the pictures, but particularly the last one as I am partial to folk art!
Wendy Love

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Wendy,
Now that you mention it, this particular Hockney does look like folk art although he's a trained artist.

What I love about his work is his use of color. I'm also a fan of his portraits, and many years ago, there was a big show of his portraits at the Los Angeles County Art Museum.