Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taking Time Off (Part 2)

Dear Friends,
In yesterday's post, I said I was taking the month of May off to concentrate on other writing. But, after reading a comment from Periwinkle (You might want to check out the flowers on her blog. Wow!) who's a new reader and was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I decided that I should write the following:

If you have any questions about bipolar disorder, SAD, or depression that I can answer, feel free to leave them as comments, and I will respond. Or if you're posting about some topic that you think might interest me or my readers, feel free to leave it as a comment. That way, we can continue a quasi-dialog in my absence.

And, I'll post a photo, a quote, or an update on Mondays. Take care!



Emma said...

Best wishes for a wonderfully productive and stimulating month. Do so hope all goes well with your projects, writing, garden, photography etc.. Looking forward to the catch up!
Congratulations on recognising that sometimes we are not able to do everything! Big Hugs

Periwinkle said...

Ok I am little confused is it ok to post about a particular topic on your comment page?

p.s. it's raining here all week ugghhhh

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Emma,
Thanks for the good wishes. I appreciate it. And thanks for the hugs! I hope you have a lovely month of May as well!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Periwinkle,
Absolutely. If you have a question about anything, or just want to leave a comment, feel free. And I will respond.