Friday, May 1, 2009

Taking Some Time Off (Part 1)

I'm working on another writing project, and finding it difficult to blog and write every day. So, I'll be taking some time off. In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy and healthy month of May.

And perhaps, in my absence, I might recommend some others blogs I enjoy. If you want to read a new upbeat blog on depression, you might check out Wendy Love's Dipsy Doodling Around Depression. She's been a loyal reader, and has a real positive and upbeat attitude.

The bipolar/mental health blogs I read with regularity are Beyond Meds, Roller Coaster, and Discover and Recover.

Also, I love Howard's essays at Mead on Manhattan, and Mariposa's spirit at Mariposa's Tales. If you're interested in healing from abuse, you should check out Tamara's Desire to Heal. If you like gardening, Garden Rant is very entertaining.

See you in a month or so!


marja said...

Oh no!! I'm going to miss you, Susan. But I understand.

dipsydoodlingarounddepression said...

I hope your other writing comes along the way you want it to. And thanks for mentioning my new blog!
Wendy Love

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Thanks for letting me know. I'll still drop by your blog and comment.

What's interesting is that the moment I stop thinking about blogging, I begin coming up with a lot of other creative ideas.

I have been having problems moving ahead on my book, and I had a bunch of new ideas yesterday and last night.

Maybe I'm just not a multitask person.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Wendy,
You're welcome, and the best of luck with it. As I told Marja, I'll still comment on other blogs. I just need to focus on my book.


wildcat said...

I am new to your web site and have a lot to read. and with the new Monday class (how to prevent relapses for bipolars) I have a bit on my plate.

But I will look forward to knowing how your gardening experiments are going by june. I will be very courious what the month will bring to the other projects.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Wildcat,
Welcome! Thanks for letting me know that you're reading my blog. If you see this, what class are you taking on preventing relapses? I'd be interested in knowing about it!