Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Update: A Mind Like a Slide Carousel

This morning--as I was between dozing and awakening--I began thinking of my mind as a big slide carousel. Using that analogy, I realized that perhaps the older I get, the capacity is no longer infinite because it's jam-packed with images.

When I feel well, I'm able to click through to all the happy images in my life. When I'm depressed, I can only access the sad ones.

These days, since I'm at the end of a depression that's lasted six months, I can access both. Still, when I think about difficult periods in my life, dwell on the negative aspects of bipolarity, or read depressing blogs, it's like the sad images reproduce themselves. So, there is slide after slide of downbeat and depressing images.

Conversely, because I'm feeling better, I can chose to access the happy and more pleasurable images. This morning, when I began thinking of all the flower images I've been reading about in books and seeing in gardening blogs, I could feel a "lightness of being." So...I'll end this post by sharing a few of these images.

The Heirloom Garden

What images make you smile?

P.S. For the month of May, I only will be posting on Mondays. But you can leave questions as comments, and I will respond. See you next week!


Cami Black said...

Susan...what! No lavender roses?
Actually, I love tulips now.
Happy gardening!

catatonickid said...

That, dear Susan, is a truly fantastic analogy. It makes *so* much sense... I want your kind of wisdom :)

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Cami,
If I had known you're were going to look at this, I would have included a lavender rose! Thanks for dropping by!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear CK,
Thanks ever so much! I decided that the reason I haven't been able to beat this episode is that I've been thinking too much about illness and bipolarity. made sense to me as well! I truly believe "we are what we think about."


dipsydoodlingarounddepression said...

What makes me smile? Images of the faces of the people I love!
Thanks Susan for asking the question!
Wendy Love

Paula Joy said...

HI Susan!

Sorry I haven't been around in a long time :(

Those are beautiful pictures! There's something about creation/nature that causes me to feel peace.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Wendy,
Yes, the images of the people I love makes me smile too. Thanks for reminding me of that!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula,
So glad to hear from you, and I hope your new job is going well. Yes, I would agree that nature/creation is one big smile!


Mariposa said...

I am with you on what images I get to access depending on which side of the spectrum I am...though there are times I get to see both happy and otherwise down moments happy images don't mean anything...while when I am doing fine, even the sad and challenging moments become interesting! Amazing...

I love all photos...yet the first one if my fave!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Mariposa,
Your comment truly captures how I feel. When I'm feeling truly down, it's almost impossible to feel happy--even when I see happy images. And when I'm hypomanic, I can deal with anything.

But, this is an inbetween period. And I'm trying to see whether focusing on "happy thoughts, happy images, and things that are upbeat and positive will make a difference." We'll see.


Toria/Deb said...

Lovely pictures and a wonderful analogy to what I call the "Negative" train and the "Positive" train. so easy to hop onto Negative and just get carried away. Hard to switch to the positive side of thinking, but yes these would do it.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Toria/Deb,
Welcome to my blog. Yes, the "negative and positive" train is another way to look at it.

But, for me, it seems like a greater effort to switch trains than it is to "brainswitch," which is an interesting technique I've written about.

For the last three mornings, just before I've gotten out of bed, I've spent a few moments thinking about the 12 photos I've posted, and it's amazing how much pleasure they've provided.

Still, we all need to use whatever techniques we've developed to maintain a positive attitude. Thanks for your comment.