Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vacation Therapy

Dear Friends,
My husband and I are taking a short vacation to celebrate my birthday--which isn't until April 6--a little bit early. We needed to be near the ocean, to see nature up close, to walk places rather than drive, to visit our favorite independent book stores, to take photographs (that's my newest hobby and my husband paints), to go on hikes in the hills, and to participate in what small town life has to offer.

I'll be posting again next Monday--or perhaps over the weekend. See you then!

P.S. The graphic is a lovely painting called Santa Barbara Beachcombers by Gavin Brooks.


GirlBlue said...

Have a great trip Susan, hope you come back feeling refreshed

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Girlblue,
So nice to hear from you again. And thank you! It should be great! And I didn't even mention the food--a subject you sometimes write about.

Today, my biggest concern is whether we should have dinner at the New Orleans Cajun restaurant we love, which has a great steamed chocolate pudding for dessert, a Mexican restaurant we haven't tried, but had rave reviews, or a fish house on the pier that's a bit touristy, but has a great view!

Life's decisions should always be that difficult, huh?

P.S. Your daughter's new glasses are quite stylish!

Gianna said...

I'm envious! have fun!

Wellness Writer said...

I am having fun! And we saw this neighborhood of Craftsman houses that you would love! However, needless to say, the real estate here is so expensive that it should make you feel so glad you live where you do, and could buy your home with acreage to boot!