Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thoughts on Being a Wellness Writer (Part 2) and Hibernation

After reading the comments from yesterday's post, I feel better about calling myself a wellness writer even though I'm not always well. And I would like to thank Duane, Gianna, John D, Hanna, and Marja for helping me see the light.

I've written before that I'd would probably be categorized as "quite well indeed" if hibernation was considered an admirable skill to have developed. What if...instead of having to apologize for falling off the radar screen for months at a time, I could boast, "Hey, I've really got this hibernation thing under control. It works just like clockwork from November 1 to March 1. And when I awaken from my winter's sleep, I've got a huge amount of energy."

Or, what if...the people at NASA felt there was a burgeoning market for astronauts who could hibernate in space? The above photo, which I could only find once and then it disappeared, was evidently a prototype of a machine for hibernating in space. Think of how cool it would be to be picked to be an astronaut just because you're SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Certainly, I would feel much better about myself if I could say, "I'm a wellness writer and an astronaut."


Paula Joy said...

You rock, Susan.

I think you are a wellness writer. You write about where you are and what works for you - and you do an amazing amount of study into the illness.

To me, being a wellness writer is leading people in a way to want to be well, and to give the tools to be well. YOU DO THAT. You've helped SO many.

Blessings on you today. God is using you whether you realize it or not.

Love and prayers!

marja said...

Oh how I would hate to be an astronaut! But yeah, to be able to do both would be a pretty neat thing. You could write while you're out in space - or, have a good excuse not to. I wonder if you could keep a blog while you're in space?

No, I would not be able to be an astronaut. It would be emotional torture for me.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula Joy,
And you are like flowers and sunshine. Your comments always make me smile and feel good, and you have this wonderful positive energy!

Thanks for sharing your perception of a wellness writer. I'm copying what everyone said in my diary, so I can remember to look at it when I feel blue!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Sometimes, ideas come to me that make me smile, even though my reality is quite different.

I, too, would hate to be an astronaut because I don't even like flying in airplanes all that much, and I have a tremendous need for fresh air and sunshine!

But, when I saw the photo of the hibernation chamber, I couldn't resist writing about it.

P.S. I suspect it would be quite a roller coaster for both of us if we had to blog in space!