Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steps on the Pathway to Wellness

In yesterday's post, I ended by posing a question for myself, which was: How do I cast aside the illness in my heart that is preventing me from moving ahead?

When I wrote the post, I thought it was a question I needed to address. But, Andrea wrote a response, which was very helpful, and enabled me to look at the question from a different perspective.

Most importantly for me, she responded although I hadn't asked for help. She volunteered without my seeking her support.

While I have done that many times for others--and with strangers one rarely knows whether it's appreciated or not--during this illness, only a few close friends and family members have stepped in, even when I have asked for help.

So...yesterday, you can't imagine how pleased I was when Andrea lent me an unsolicited helping hand. (And there have been others who have offered advice and friendship as well, and you know who you are.)

Maybe, therein lies the answer to my question. Unlike the cancer patient in yesterday's post who took her own life because she felt she had failed to heal herself and had to depend upon someone else, with my blog I feel I have developed a virtual community of caring people.

And perhaps each of us heals a little bit each day because one of us sends a hug from afar, offers a few words of heartfelt advice, or reminds us that we matter, and they care.

Today, I would like to thank Andrea and everyone else who reads this blog, comments, and lets me know they care. As I type all of the names of the people who have commented since I have returned to blogging, I realize that each person is a part of my healing process. Each represents a step on the pathway to wellness.

I have tried to list the names in the order that the comments since February have been made. Thank you's go to: Gianna, Duane Sherry, Catatonic Kid, Howard, Sandy Naiman, Jazz, Carrie, Paula Joy, Susan, Marja, Marissa Miller, Wendalyn Love, Dirkmonster, Bitsy, Gabriel, Isabella Mori, John D., iHanna, Annie, Emma, Mariposa, and Louisa.

If there's anyone I neglected, it was an oversight, I apologize, please let me know, and I'll add your name to the list! (I don't want any "step" to be missing on my pathway!)

FYI...my husband and I are going away for a few days, I'll be posting again next Monday. The graphic is from bhojman's photostream.


duanesherry1 said...


You help me heal too.
Thank you,


Louisa said...

Hi Susan,

I feel silly that I care about being acknowledged, but I do. I wrote you on a Friday (March 8, I think) and you said my welcome-back comment made your week. So, here I am!


etta said...

I agree. Blogging has certainly helped me move forward through the unsolicited--well, okay, sometimes solicited--thoughts and comments from others in this community.
I set out with the intention to help and educate others. I wasn't expecting all of the help and education I've received in return.
I guess it proves an AA adage. If we focus outside ourselves, we benefit as much or more than those we assist.

Moose withthoughtslikemine said...

The beauty of blogs (such as yours) is that it makes the noisy world inside our minds seem a little more commonplace. Scanning through blogs, I have found a lot that resonates with me.
In answer to your question (How do I cast aside the residue of illness in my heart that is preventing me from shifting the tides?)... My own personal experience is that the "residue" for me is shame. And since I've admitted that to myself, it has helped me to move on a little.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Duane,
Thank you for thanking me! And, as you know, you have been a stalwart and thoughtful member of my support team, and I thank you in return.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Louisa,
You're absolutely right and I'm so sorry to have missed you! I looked through these names late last night. It must have been a senior moment (or just tired eyes) that caused me to miss yours. I know you commented, it did make my week, I'm so glad you emailed to let me know, and I'll add you to the list!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Etta,
Welcome to my blog. I couldn't agree more. And since you're my new "exercise role model," I'm so glad you commented.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Moose,
Welcome to my blog. In therapy, I recently discovered that I felt the same way you do about shame, although I'd never uttered the word aloud to myself. And it is something I'm working on overcoming! Thanks for letting me know you have felt the same way!


Paula Joy said...

I consider you a part of my healing. Thanks for being so honest.

And, here's a hug from afar ((( )))

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula Joy,
And I consider you a part of my healing as well! And I'm sending a hug back!


isabella mori said...

this is very moving. thank you for remembering my comment. i'm grateful that in a tiny way, your healing is helped by my little comment. and you are helping others - by reaching back out, even with a little thing like putting others on your blogroll. it's a little acknowledgment of, "yes, we're in this together."

interestingly enough, my post today is about that - how we help each other. is it ok if i use this post as an illustration of how blogging can help with healing, for our conference on mental health and social media? (http://mentalhealthcamp.org)

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Isabella,
Thanks so much for your comment. I'll check out today's post, and yes, I would be delighted for you to use this post for your conference.


Gianna said...

Dear Susan,
I read this but never left a note of thanks...you know you've deeply touched my life...

I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything as it is now..AND...

I start my job on April 1st...so if I don't as often leave comments know I, too, always read you...every single post. And that you are in my heart.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Gianna,
I absolutely understand. I'm so excited for you, and think it's really important for you to pace yourself. But, thanks for leaving a comment anyway!


Andrea said...

Susan -

Thank you for your acknowledgement! I had no idea what I said would be so helpful to you -- but I'm very glad it was. It's a small payment for all that your words have helped me.

- Andrea

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Andrea,
Sometime someone says something that resonates and it makes all the difference. And sometimes, when this illness seems like such an overwhelming handicap, it helps to put it in perspective.

That's what you did for me yesterday, and I felt you should know that. And I'm glad I've been able to help you as well.


Emma said...

Dear Susan,
I was so touched to receive your acknowledgement after I had posted my first comment recently. This connection with others, reading and sharing has been a positive, uplifting, and at times thought provoking experience. Thank you.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Em,
Thank you for joining our virtual support group! While I've never been one for "in person" groups, in the last two years I have found that being able to communicate online with others is everything you mentioned: positive, uplifting, and thought-provoking.

And you're a delightful addition!


Catatonic Kid said...

Thank you so much, Susan :) You've no idea how cool it feels to be considered a healing 'step' for someone and not (more usual) an obstacle of some sort.

I have to agree - there's a lot of love here in blog world. I'm grateful, too.

Hope your few days off are grand.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear CK,
I truly didn't have any idea that everyone would feel so "touched" by this post.

But, I do feel we support each other in a loving and positive way. And, it would seem to suggest many of us don't feel we get the same kind of support elsewhere.

I think it must mean that universally we find people we know to be less tolerant of our differences, and less appreciative of our strengths, which is really kind of amazing, given the insight, kindness, and intelligence of our peers.

Maybe that's why it feels so great to get away for a few days and blend in with total strangers.

It will be grand, and you'd love the two bookstores I'm going to visit!


Mariposa said...

I'm late, but well, let me catch all that I missed!

I feel the same way for you...and for the rest of us here. We have successfully offer each other's strength and personally, I cling on these virtual community in most times.


Wellness Writer said...

I agree. But it's always nice to know others do too, isn't it? Hugs back at you!