Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Celebration of My Mother's Birthday

Although I am away and having a wonderful time, I couldn't help but awaken this morning and feel sad. Today would be my mother's 87th birthday; she died two years ago. In celebration of her life, I'm reprinting one of her poems.

Marjorie Schwartz, 1922-2007

On a Sad Day

Don't cry for me.
I have loved and been loved
with more sweetness than most.
I promise to be a gentle ghost,
with only a reminder here and there...
an off-key song...a steak that's rare...
an ice cream cone...a silly poem.
So, smile awhile and think of the stories I'd tell,
then remember me...and laugh like hell!

"Mama, I love you dearly, miss you, and often think of you. You live in my heart and soul."
Your one in the middle


GirlBlue said...


My mother's bday was on the 5th, I know how you feel

Gianna said...

so sweet...I always love it when you post your moms poems...

try to have fun...and peace to you.

Wellness Writer said...

Thanks Girlblue and Gianna! My memories of my parents are so dear that it makes the loss both harder and easier too.

We just came back to our motel, having spent hours in the Botanical Gardens, looking at Craftsman houses, and at our favorite bookstore!

I'm going to take a nap, before we shoot more photographs at the pier and have dinner!

See you soon!


Emma said...

So pleased that you are having such a lovely break. Sounds wonderful.
Your mother's poem was very touching. The smiles are becoming a little easier than the tears. My mother died the end of September last year, so we still have many 'firsts' ahead of us. Her birthday is in May, always just before, or just after Mother's Day depending on the calendar! Safe travels, and have a great weekend. Em

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Em,
It is so difficult, isn't it? My father died almost 20 years ago, but I still can't believe I'm on this planet without my parents. Alas...

Thanks for let me know about your mother! I'll think of her in May.


Paula Joy said...

I am glad you shared that poem. I like it.

Sending you peace as you remember her today.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Paula Joy,
Thanks so much. It ended up being a wonderful day. I toasted my mother at dinner, and knew she would have liked that!


Cami Black said...

Dear Susan:
I miss you mom so much too! I was thinking about our lunch dates and the interesting stories she always told. What a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing.
Love, Cami

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Cami,
My mother was crazy about you, and I know you miss her! Thanks for letting others know.


Mariposa said...


I remember you told me how my fascination of jewelry reminded you of her... :)

Lovely poem!

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Mariposa,
What a great memory you have! Thank you for remembering!


Tamara (TC) said...

What a wonderful poem. She sounds like she was a very special lady!


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Tamara,
She truly was. I've got this wonderful book of her poems that I look at all the time. They usually make me laugh and cry at the same time. Thanks for the hug!

Hope you're doing better. I was so sorry to read about your dog, and I'll check your blog later to see how you're doing with your chakras.

Thanks for your comments today. I was afraid I'd "lost you" during my absence!


Tamara (TC) said...


You didn't lose me in your absence, I think I lost me for a while. Luckily I seem to be found and getting back to myself. I hope that the time you took off was helpful and clarifying. We give so much in our blogging that sometimes I think a break is necessary for our own health.

Thank you for your kindness about my dog. I do remember you losing yours a while back. It is very, very painful. He was such a wonderful companion and at 4lbs it was amazing how his spirit could fill the entire house!

All my best,

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Tamara,
I'm glad you're back. And I know what you mean about Wyatt. Actually, my mother died in October of that year, my black Lab Murphy died in December, and Spike died in June of the following year.

My sense of loss was overwhelming and I'm still feeling it to some degree.

I think you're right about blogging. It had begun feeling like a burden, and I didn't have anything positive to share.

All my best to you as well!