Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking a Day Off

Dear Readers and Friends,
The carpet installers came today and will finish the job tomorrow. The house looks great although I'm thoroughly exhausted. My husband has had a cold, and tonight I feel like I'm getting it. I hope not, because I'd hate to miss badminton tomorrow.

So, I'm lying in bed and listening to Sweet Baby James. My 40th high school reunion is in two weeks, and I've been listening to all the music I loved when I was 18. How fun is this?

In the meantime, I have to take a day off because everything I need is in boxes and I don't have the energy to unpack them. I'll be back on Thursday.

P.S. As tired as I am, I can at least be grateful that I'm not balding like James Taylor. How lucky we women are to keep our hair as we age! No offense Bradley. I think baldness is attractive; just not for me!


Clueless said...

LOL!!! Regarding Bradley and balding...oh, sorry Bradley, but I'm sure you are not surprised to know you are balding.

Anyway, hello. I found your blog by following someone. I'm sorry that you are not feeling well, but JT always makes me feel good. For Valentine's day, my husband and I exchanged custom made bracelet cuff's with the opening to "Your Smiling Face." So, your post made me feel all warm inside. I just love him and he gives great concerts.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Clueless,
Welcome to my blog. I loved him when I was young, but I haven't followed him for years. However, I recently bought one of his new CDs and fell in love all over again. It's prompted me to revisit other musicians of my youth.

That's neat about you and your husband.


JayPeeFreely said...

You're so vain! I bet you think this song is about you...

(JT had his share of narcissism if Carly is to be believed...)

Oh, and hi.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear JayPeeFreely,
Nice to hear from you! Actually, I didn't think this song was all about me (smiling face)!


discoverandrecover said...


Sweet Baby James -

My sister had that album - She used to play it all the time - good memories - good music.