Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Would Lassie Do?

As I've mentioned before, when I want to read about doctors talking about wellness, I usually turn to those who treat cancer (Dr. Bernie S. Siegel), heart disease (Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Bernard Lown), and AIDS as well as cancer (Dr. Jerome Groopman).

Why? Because I find their writing about healing to be inspirational. They write books in which there are wonderful success stories. They have great insight about illness and wellness. They provide terrific advice. And some of them offer their patients cutting-age wellness programs.

Yesterday, I was tired because one of our family members is sick and has been hospitalized (and it's been emotionally draining), and I was looking for an uplifting book in my home library. I'd forgotten that I'd bought 101 Exercises for the Soul: A Divine Workout Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel. "Each chapter focuses on a different area of growth, from improving your attitude to finding inner motivation."

Dr. Siegel not only includes inspirational quotes, but he also tells vignettes about patients, and gives great tips and advice. The story that made my smile yesterday was in the chapter on pets.

He writes: "I always teach people that when in doubt--when you aren't sure what the right thing to do is--to remember WWLD. In other words: What Would Lassie Do?" (Lassie is a collie who starred in one of my favorite childhood TV shows.) "Lassie was always kind, loyal, protective, and motivated by love.

"Also, when dealing with others, I try to follow a veterinarian's expert advice for dog training. Use rewards rather than punishment, always show love, trust, and respect, and make a commitment to consistency."

Personally, I think that's great advice!


Jazz said...

I read somewhere that if we all approached each other the way our dogs approached us--with tail-wagging enthusiasm--that the world would be a much better place! Sadly, many of us treat our pets better than we do other people.

catatonickid said...

Heehee Great line. The last one of these I heard was on the TV show House - 'What Would House Do?'. Somehow I think Lassie would definitely do better in a race, and not just because House is lame ;)

It is good advice. It reminded me of the one line I remember from the show - "Lassie go home". That's not a bad thought either, speaking of healing.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Jazz,
Isn't that the case?


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Catatonickid,
Having seen two or three seasons of House, I couldn't agree more. House would either do a lumbar puncture or yell at us until we dissolved into tears!

Yes, you're right, and now it's my turn to smile. "Lassie, go home" isn't bad advice, is it?


Mariposa said... and Jazz and catatonickid said it best!

Yeah, what would our beloved pets d?! And it will open our eyes to great perspectives...I think I need to start asking myself this question.

Wellness Writer said...

Sadly, my two dogs died--one this year and the other last December. I'm waiting about six months to get a new dog, but I really miss them.