Friday, August 29, 2008

Wellness Activity: Political Involvement

While this isn't a political blog, I believe it's a sign of wellness to participate in the world in which we live, to fight for what we believe in, and to be a part of the larger community. Last night, I was so proud of my candidate for president that I'm announcing my support right here and now. I'll be back on Monday. Have a happy and healthy weekend!


jipps76 said...

As much as I support Obama as a candidate, I was thrilled when he selected Biden as his running mate. Many will assume Biden was chosen because his strength is Obama's perceived weakness, but I feel his addition is much more important than that.

If I may ask another question that is completely unrelated, how strongly would you recommend avoiding caffeine in relation to depression and accompanying medications?


P.S. This is what the alphabet would look like without the letters 'Q' and 'R.' (Some dry humor from a comic I admire)

Wellness Writer said...

I agree with you in terms of Biden's addition to the ticket. I think he is a superb choice as a running mate for all the right reasons.

I was particularly taken with Al Gore's speech when he talked about Lincoln's background and vision, and we all know what a fine president he was.

In terms of coffee, actually, I stopped drinking it when I was taking medication because the medication caused stomach problems and coffee exacerbated them.

However, now that I don't take medication, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and drink caffeinated soda when I need a pick-up. But, again, that's just me (and it's not recommended by others).

I guess part of it has to do with how caffeine makes you feel. I should imagine that it does cause mood swings for some. When I'm not on medication, I need the jolt to help get out of bed in the morning, and there is no lingering effect.

P.S. I don't get the alphabet joke but maybe you forgot to add an attachment that showed it.

Bradley said...

Last night was a very proud moment for me as well. I was excited to see our man handle such an important speech so well. He did it superbly.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Bradley,
I couldn't agree more! I think it will go down in history books as an amazing speech!


Howard said...

No matter the outcome, history gets made this year: either an African-American is pres or a woman is VP. I think our American experiment is working. You gotta love this country.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Howard,
Yes, you've gotta love this country!