Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Healer Within

Do you ever find a book that is so right for you that you feel it must have reached you by divine intervention? When I was at the library a few months ago, I found this book by Roger Jahnke, Director of Oriental Medicine, called The Healer Within: Using Traditional Chinese Techniques to Release Your Body's Own Medicine, and every page seems to resonate with me.

So I bought it, and I feel like Dr. Jahnke is a godsend. He writes: "When people learn about the healer within themselves and then take action to care for their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, they are transformed. Victims of life's problems become independent and empowered creators of better health, greater joy, and positive living. Instead of handing over the power to others, they retain the authority to make their own choices and to participate in an exciting era of change. Self-directed citizens are powerful leaders and role models for their children, grandchildren, and fellow community members."

In a way, Dr. Jahnke is discussing the path I have chosen to take...and the role I hope to play in this virtual community, and in the future with people from all walks of life. In Chapter 1, Jahnke writes: "Your body, in cooperation with your mind and spirit is marvelously blessed with miraculous self-healing abilities. The body is the temple of your mind. Mind and spirit are the dwellers within the temple. Mind and spirit maintain the temple. Mind's intelligence and spirit's inspiration vitalize and quicken the body. The three together--mind, body, and spirit--cooperate to produce the most profound medicine ever known within the history of the human race, right within you."

Jahnke's statement about our ability to heal ourselves is the realization I've come to as well. While I can point to a lot of different wellness activities that I follow, I believe that I am now well because I finally realized that I could become well.

And in a way, I feel blessed that all I had was bipolar disorder (Please don't think I'm minimizing the horror of this illness; realize that I've experienced and survived 120 depressive episodes.) But the bottom line is that it didn't destroy me and I've never had to have surgery to remove a damaged organ, nor do I have a lasting effect from all the toxic medication I've taken.

(to be continued)


Gianna said... philosophy exactly...I feel a trip to Amazon coming on...though I have too much to read right now...I suppose I could put it on my wish list...(did you know Amazon has a wish list you can keep?)

Jazz said...

Another book I'm going to have to get my hands on!

Wellness Writer said...

Yes...I do know about the wish list...although I don't have one. I'm kind of a spontaneous book buyer, and I also go to the library a lot!


Wellness Writer said...

This one has moved to the top of my all time favorites along with Pennebaker's Writing to Heal, and Fox's Poetic Medicine.


Annie said...

Susan, While it does sound like an excellent book, I enjoy your review and many of your own thoughts about the book. We may have all heard of these principles but you mange to share it in an added creative way. Thanks, Annie

Wellness Writer said...

Thanks Annie. I appreciate your kindness!

marja said...

Mind, body, and spirit all working together. I believe that too. Does Jahnke say anything about reaching beyond ourselves? Helping others? ...and how that helps take the focus off ourselves?

Writing for the purpose of helping others - my articles, books, and blog - have had a great part in my healing. I believe you have found the same, Susan.

Supporting others is a great healer. It takes us out of the victim role.

Maybe you could scan ahead a bit and see if Jahnke has anything to say about that? Though this might be beyond the scope of his book.

iHanna said...

That sounds like a book I need to check out too! Just read your previous post about the taking away the bipolar from your blog name. I adore the title of your blog now, it feels so welcoming, a Wellness Writer you are indeed!

Wellness Writer said...

He does say a lot about helping others. I'll post about it tomorrow.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Hanna,
Thanks for letting me know. It made my day!