Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Stress-Free Zone

Dear Friends,
If I've learned anything about stress and relaxation in the past few weeks, it's to take time off when I need it. Thus, I won't be posting until next Monday. In answer to Coco's question, my dog isn't sick; he's just old. But Murphy, his companion (and ours) for the last nine years, died in December--two months after my mother.

Anyway, for a number of reasons, I am stressed out, which is only a bit ironic given that I'm writing a series on stress and relaxation techniques. I need a bit of breathing room, and I need to practice the techniques I've been learning.

So...I'm going to take off the next two days. And since I don't usually blog on the weekends, I'll be back on Monday.

I will keep the comments moderation "off," but please be gentle with each other. I believe that one of my responsibilities as the "comments moderator" is to make sure I support everyone's right to have his/her own opinion. In my absence, I would appreciate it if you would all moderate yourselves.

Finally, I will be offline, so I won't be reading the comments until the weekend, or visiting other blogs online. See you on Monday!




Coco said...

Susan, I'm really sorry you're stressed. I sincerely hope you get into a zone of relaxation and peace, and that you feel cared for. I look forward to your return :)

P.J. said...

Take care of yourself, Susan, and I pray your time off is as relaxing and rejuvinating as possible!!

Gianna said...

thinking of you Susan...was just wondering why you hadn't responded to the last posts comments...

please do take care of yourself. I don't always stop when I should. You are a good role model.


Jazz said...

Yes, do take good care of yourself. Sometimes we need to bow out for a little and take a breather. One thing I've been working on recently is knowing when I need to be kind to myself, and allowing myself to do that.

Hope you're feeling better soon!


Danielle said...

Take care of yourself. I certainly understand.

KJ said...

I think taking a break and taking time for yourself is totally acceptable. You have posted and taught a lot of great information. Have a great super long weekend and joy your blog free time off.

discoverandrecover said...


Take care of yourself.


marja said...

Having taken a long time off myself, I know how refreshing it can be not to be chained to the computer. Have a good rest, Susan. Have a relaxed for-yourself time.