Thursday, February 7, 2008

Coming Back from a Depression (Part 2)

Reemerging from a depression sometimes feels like going from Edvard's Munch's The Scream to Leonardo's da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

According to Wikipedia, the former is "said by some to symbolize the human species overwhelmed by existential angst." Actually, it's just one painting in a series in which Munch explored the themes of life, love, fear, death, and melancholy.

I must admit that I wasn't surprised when I read that Munch was often ill, and at one point went to a hospital where he underwent electroshock therapy.

Of course, the universal question always asked about the Mona Lisa is "Why is she smiling?" Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's because she's extraordinarily relieved that her last depressive episode is over. She was so tired of feeling bad, exhausted by the pressures placed upon her by her husband, a wealthy Florentine silk merchant, and quietly pleased that once she recovered, she could spend a few weeks sitting for her portrait--which was a low-stress activity.

All right, I'm just kidding but who really knows?

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mylifewithbipolardisorder said...

Hi Susan,

I like your sense of humor :-) It is certainly a relief when we come out of our depressive episodes. And every time we survived a depressive episode, we appreciate life and people around us better. Surely these are blessings in disguise.

I am writing about bipolar blessings on my blog currently. Would you like to drop by and share some of your bipolar blessings? Take care.