Monday, February 4, 2008

Bipolar Wellness Pilot Program (Once More)

I'm letting Sunday's post, which focuses on my Bipolar Wellness Pilot Program, maintain its prominence on my blog for a few days. Originally it was entitled Dear Senator Clinton because I was prompted to write it by an email I received from her campaign. However, I've changed the title because my opinion about bipolar treatment has nothing to do with politics.

I am most interested in hearing how you feel my ideas, your opinion about the quality of treatment you've received, and/or your ideas about the services you need in order to achieve wellness.

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mylifewithbipolardisorder said...

Hi Susan,Hope you are feeling better. Btw, I just posted my latest post on "Importance of Support Network". I have added you under "5. My newfound Blogging Friends." Just wonder whether there is anything I can add to describe you so that others can get to know you too? Or are you able to share your experiences on your Support Network? Thanks. Take care! Regards, Nancie