Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wellness Activity: Walking (Part 2)

I'm reading two great books on walking. The first is Walking Magazine's: The Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness by Mark Fenton. While Fenton, who was a member of the U.S. national racewalking team five times and has hosted two PBS shows on walking, discusses a number of benefits of walking, he says that "emotional well-being is one of the primary benefits."

He writes, " Walkers also say that their walk can be the most important time in the day. Whether mentally organizing for the day ahead, unwinding from work, or seeking a daily refuse with a friend or loved one, many walkers testify that their walks are often central to mental health and balance. Burn calories and build muscle all you want, but remember that your brain and soul may be the pieces of your anatomy that benefit most from walking."

Tomorrow, I'll discuss the results of a series of systematic studies at Duke University in 1999 in which participants who were suffering from a major depressive disorder either participated in a walking program, took Zoloft, or did both. I'll also tell you about some famous writers who loved to walk!


Merelyme said... sound terrific! i just joined a gym myself.

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Read tomorrow's post! The gym is a great idea!

My Life with Bipolar Disorder said...

Dear Susan,

I am learning that regular exercise is very crucial in our recovery and managing of our conditions. It helps to strengthen both our body and mind. I missed my regular exercise when I started work recently but am hoping to start walking again. Maybe I will bring my camera along and start taking pictures too. Hope you persevere in your walks and photo taking :-) Take care.

Kind regards,