Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Depression Continues

These days, when I try to find guidance and hope, I keep on returning to Parker J. Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak, among other books. Having experienced two lengthly depressive episodes, he provides more guidance to me than most others.

"Embracing the mystery of depression does not mean passivity or resignation. It means moving into a field of forces that seems alien but is in fact one's deepest self. It means waiting, watching, listening, suffering, and gathering whatever self-knowledge, no matter how difficult. One begins the slow walk back to health by choosing each day things that enliven one's selfhood and resisting things that do not."


Syd said...

Awesome quote! Thanks.

Merelyme said...

i will have to look for this book. maybe it would be good to make a list of these things.

Ed Renehan said...

1) Sounds trite, but from one who knows as well as you do: Hang in there.

2) Thank you for this quote and for the mention of the book, of which I'd not previously been aware. I'll check it out.