Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tribute to My Mom (Part 3)

The following are excerpts from the tribute I wrote to my mother--in a letter form--that were read at her memorial service. I realized that some of the things I'd written were so personal that only her family members and friends would appreciate them. So...I'm including the parts that I feel everyone might enjoy and understand.

I learned about friendship from seeing what a good friend you were. Whenever anyone was sick, you were the first one to rush over with homemade matzo ball soup and fresh rye bread. You remembered everyone’s birthday and anniversary and you were generous and thoughtful in so many ways.

During the sixties and early seventies, I think you did cross-stitch patterns on work shirts for all of your friend’s children, and later—when those children had children of their own—you cross-stitched baby’s undershirts.

Mother, you and daddy shaped my moral character, but in different ways. He and I had long talks about honesty, integrity, family, loyalty, and the work ethic, but you taught me by your actions.

You were always out there in the community blazing trails, whether it was writing the Fair Housing Newsletter, joining the temple Social Action Committee, busing children to Overland Avenue Elementary School, being the Jewish panelist on Portraits of American Women, a member of Women For, attending services with Christian parishioners at All Saints Church and Leo Baeck Temple, and participating in a wide array of political events. For you, establishing a "liberal" agenda was a moral imperative.

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Dream Writer said...

I hope that you are saving this. This is wonderful writings and great emotions to read about.

Hope you are doing OK.