Monday, November 19, 2007

Moving On

A few of my online friends have recently expressed concern about what I'm up to. At first I was going to write a new post. Then I decided that my email to Marja, with a few minor changes, expressed it best.

Dear Marja,
Actually, I'm swamped with stuff. My new book: Bipolar Depression Unplugged: A Survivor Speaks Out has just come out as an eBook. (For those of you are interested in it, I'll write about it tomorrow.)

I had to quit my photography class this semester because I missed too many classes but my professor--who I genuinely like--will be teaching it again in the spring. And I've already enrolled.

Next semester (which is a short one, only six weeks), I'm taking a music appreciation class, and Sydney and I are working together on an exciting new venture (which I'll also discuss further down the road). plate is full. I've just needed some time off from everything to grieve in my own way. And once my son goes away to college in January, my husband and I plan on pursuing some of our hobbies that Alex doesn't like, namely fishing and hiking.

But...I appreciate your concern.


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