Monday, September 10, 2007

Vacation Therapy

My husband, son, and I spent a glorious two days in Santa Barbara, CA--although I took an entire week off from blogging.

It's amazing how wonderful new vistas are for the soul. It's not only a beautiful beach community but our favorite motel, the Franciscan Inn, has a lovely little pool where I went swimming every day--which is a real tonic for me.

We ate at wonderful restaurants, the Paradise Cafe (always a favorite with its oak wood grill giving the oh-so-fresh fish and vegetables a unique taste) and Arigato, which is the best sushi restaurant I've ever been to (and this is the third time we've eaten there).

Our first evening, there was a terrific Farmer's Market on State Street, which is the main drag. Also, I shot some wonderful photographs at the Marina, and I went to Chaucer's Books, one of my very favorite bookstores.

We also went to Elings Park, which has a very touching Veterans War Memorial, I bought a few photographic items (for my class) at Samy's Camera, and we shopped at The Walking Company, which may be my new favorite shoe store (I'm not a big shopper but for some reason I enjoy shopping on vacations).

While I've taken more adventuresome vacations and traveled to foreign countries (many years ago), I can't remember when I've enjoyed myself more.

P.S. One of the new books I bought, which I'm enjoying so much is The Best Travel Writing 2007, which is published by Traveler's Tales, and Brainswitch Out of Depression: Break the Cycle of Despair by A.B. Curtis. She may be on to something!

Stay tuned!


JayPeeFreely said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing time...Getting away is something that often appeals to me. ;)

Nice also to see you could "not blog" and not be too upset. Some likely couldn't resist the temptation to blog, even on VaCa.


I'm glad you had such a good time. It sounds like manic-depression wasn't an issue then. My friend, Amy, and I have a rule: once a month we drive out to somewhere non-urban for a day. It's a great tonic. It's great to have you posting once again.

Cami Black said...

I've been wanting to hear about your now I know. The picture is beautiful! Nothing like the beach for relaxation. Glad you, Bernie & Alex had a great time!