Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Salute to Other Bloggers

First, I'd like to thank Gay Bipolar Guy and Jay Pee Freely for their lovely welcome back comments. They made me feel good! Also, last night I spent a lot of time reading other people blogs and I'd like to recommend some particularly enjoyable posts.

My dear friend Sydney from Bipolarity has been writing some pretty wonderful stuff. I'd recommend reading all of her new posts but I particularly liked A real-time exercise in forgiveness and What does it mean to be "black enough"?

A few weeks ago, the Gay Bipolar Guy posted a very painful but beautifully honest post, What Took a Lifetime to Write, about childhood abuse in Ohio that every anti-gay politician should read. Staggo has not only survived but flourished and I salute him.

Jay Pee Freely loves baseball. If any of you do too, I'm sure you'll enjoy his Timeline from the Baseball Project. If you're not a baseball fan, he does write on other topics. One of his pieces that touched me was Milestone or Millstone: Being 35 and Hating It.

Also...Marja from Roller Coaster has written two new manuals on faith-based support groups for mental illness, which are timely and I'm assuming--extraordinarily helpful--for those people who'd like to set up similar groups at their churches.

Marie from Somewhere in the Middle has written some very nice poems on her blog The Poet Laureate...Not. I particularly liked the one from August 4, entitled Voices.

Howard (formerly SurfCountry) from Mead on Mantattan has written a very funny piece about one of his sons called Porcelain piranha. And Cindy Lawson's (from Quotidian Light) essay on The Tooth Saga made me laugh.

P.S. Today, I had intended to discuss Chas recent comment on Bipolar Anger, but I'll address it tomorrow. For those of you who have parents who haven't been helpful with this illness, I'd appreciate it if you'd offer him advice in tomorrow's post. My husband and mother (my dad died before I was diagnosed) have been wonderfully supportive so I'm not really the best person to know what to suggest to him. Also, if you've written posts about this subject, let me know and I'll link to them. Thanks.


marja said...

Thank you for this, Susan. I've had trouble finding people to connect to lately because so many of my blogging friends have disappeared from cyberspace - something that saddens me. You're helping me find some others.

Glad you had a good couple of days away.

Marie said...

Susan, glad you had a nice vacation. Thank you for the kind words. It is greatly appreciated.

I finally got my manuscript back and now can we spell EDIT? I have not seen this material in a while so some changes are definitely needed.