Sunday, September 23, 2007

Appropriate Emotions

I've got an ailing mother, an ailing family friend, and an ailing dog. Quite frankly, I'm feeling overwhelmed. While I'm ordinarily upbeat and when I'm well I can effectively deal with crises, these days my shoulders feel bowed from the pressure, and my heart is heavy.

Since I love Ken Brown's stamps, I've decided to pick two to illustrate my moods. I alternate between feeling like the woman moving the Maytag washer (upper left) and being competent and capable of handling everything, and the woman Brown calls "The Sobber" (upper right), who undoubtedly cycles in and out of crying spells.

While it would be easy to "blame" the bipolarity of moods on my illness, I prefer to see the intensity of my emotions as a sign of my humanity. Given the circumstances, feeling competent and capable and sad is "appropriate."

For me, the best way to deal with stress is to seek joy and spiritual renewal. So, for the next week, I will spend more time outdoors, take walks and hikes, play music and sing, take bubble baths and photographs, seek counsel, read books, pray, and write.

I will spend time with my mother and my dog, and try and figure out how I can help both of them. And I will think positive thoughts for our friend--who lives in another part of the country--and pray for the remission of his cancer.

I plan on taking a one week vacation from blogging. I'll return on September 31. During my absence, I wish you well and hope you all have a happy and healthy week!


marja said...

Hi Susan,

I know what it feels like, being overwhelmed. I'm feeling that myself now-a-days, thus my very-much-slowed down blogging. Will have to catch up with what everyone has written soon, and write some more of my own. Good to take a break from blogging once in a while.

We have company from out of town this week, I'm taking a severely depressed friend to the doctor this afternoon and generally be available for her. And it's another Living Room Friday this week.

But I have lots of support and for that I'm grateful.

Take care, Susan.

Syd said...


I am so sorry to hear about all that you are dealing with right now. As much as we'll all miss your daily blog posts, please take as much time as you need to rest, heal and regroup. You are in my thoughts and prayers, during this time and always.


JayPeeFreely said...

You take care of yourself. I can't imagine dealing with all of those things as well as you do.

Taking a break, hey, that's my life! ;)

Daily Dose said...

Be good to yourself and don't become a stranger..come back soon :)