Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Staving Off Seasonal Affective Disorder

Before I talk about one of my best ideas for September--to try and stave off seasonal affective disorder--I' d like to welcome An Untreatable Army BP to our community. Also, in case you didn't know, Howard Freeman of SurfCountry is now writing a new blog, Mead on Manhattan. And Syd from Bipolarity has written a wonderful essay on The Power of Perspective (Part 2) that I recommend to everyone.

Okay, since I spent three hours with my mom yesterday when her caregiver, my sister, and I took her to a new doctor who specializes in gerontology (the additional time was spent in drive time and having some tests taken), I'm even more tired than I've been--if that's possible.

So, I said to my husband, "Even though it's a stretch financially, can we go to Santa Barbara for two days?" And, saint that he is, he said, "Yes."

For those of you who don't live near Los Angeles or even in the United States, Santa Barbara (photo on the right is by Galen R. Frysinger) is just wonderful. Perhaps my favorite description can be found in Walk Santa Barbara by Cherri Rae and John McKinney.

They write, "Sometimes we locals tire of the city's Spanish architecture and all that white-washed stucco and black iron grillwork around town seems a bit precious. Sometimes we identify with private eye Kinsey Millhone, created by Santa Barbara mystery novelist Sue Grafton, who just knows there must be no good behind those sun-bedazzled walls, and jaundiced palms, that there just has to be something rotten in paradise.

"But most of the time we admire Santa Barbara's architectural consistency, the town's tenacious resistance to change, and its ability to combine a Southern California lifestyle with a Northern California sensibility."

Well, you can't imagine how excited I am about going next week. Tomorrow, I'm going to begin thinking about which books and musical instruments to bring, and I can't wait to talk with my photography teacher about which class assignments I can do there! I truly believe in "Vacation Therapy."

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Syd said...

Vacation therapy - I love that idea! Santa Barbara sounds like the perfect place to get some rest, soak in lots of sun, and recharge your batteries. Takes lots of pictures and post them so that we can vacation vicariously through you!