Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Yesterday for the first time, I could feel my mood changing due to the weather. I know that my normal September depression is partially caused by seasonal affective disorder. But I've vowed to stave it off. So, I'm planning fun activities for every day of September.

On Fridays I'll be taking my second photography class, Darkroom Photography. The upside is that I'm so excited about it, and I'll be able to spend lots of time outdoors shooting photographs. The downside is that it meets inside for 4 1/2 hours, three of which are spent in the darkroom. So...I plan on sandwiching the class between different outdoor exercise programs--in order to minimize the effect of spending so much time indoors.

On Friday mornings, I plan on walking 3.2 miles around my neighborhood park. In the afternoons after class, I plan on swimming laps at the Santa Monica College Swim Center. As you can see by the photograph, it's a great place.

Also, I'm reading this wonderful book, French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure by Mirielle Guiliano, and I've decided to plant an herb garden. While my husband is the gardener in our family, he and I will consult on this project, which is my first real gardening adventure. I think this will be another great way to spend time outside.

Since I believe that I can achieve wellness by taking action, let's hope that September is a great month. Stay tuned!


SL said...

I covet that great outdoor pool! I use the Y's indoor pool.

ArmyBP said...

My down months are Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar, so I am looking forward to ejoying fall too!

Howard said...

I am completely envious of that pool in Santa Monica... (I'm a regular lap swimmer myself.)

Not only does it look squeaky clean, but it's outdoors! Love it!

Emilija said...

Thanks for reminding me. I have to start using my light box. I always wait too long to start. I really need to start before Labor Day, but I resist because my mind is still telling me that it is summer.