Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Bipolar Store (Part 1)

Today, I had to go "wheel chair" shopping for my mother. As I looked around this store that has all kinds of equipment for those who have physical disabilities, I thought...what would I like to see in a Bipolar Store? So...I'll share my top 10 list (actually 5 today and 5 tomorrow) if you'll share some of yours.

1. Books. This is would be number one. However, I wouldn't just want to see books on bipolar disorder and depression (actually the less of these the better) but I would like to see a wide array of books on healing, wellness, music, art, spirituality, writing, gardening, hobbies, crafts, exercise, humor, travel, and other uplifting topics. And I would be be able to sit on cushions on a window box to read them. (The graphic is by Jessie Wilcox-Smith.)

2. Greeting cards. I love greeting cards. And you know...if someone developed a line of greeting cards for people who suffer from depression and hypomania, they might make a fortune.

3. Notebooks, pens, and pencils. Since I believe in "writing to heal," I'd love to see a wide array of notebooks (preferably from Moleskin), pencils, and anything from Levenger.

4. Musical instruments. While JayPee and Tery responded to Sunday's post about what instruments (and music) they like, I'd love to see an entire department of musical instruments and CDs. In the last few days, I've been listening to some of my favorite groups and artists from the 60s. Singing along with Mama Cass, Jim Croce, Janis Ian, and James Taylor has been quite healing. (The graphic is a Georges Braque.)

5. Gardening equipment and plants. Again, horticultural therapy is highly effective and I love flowers.

(to be continued)



I would like there to be a crafts corner--easy yet engrossing and productive. And the crafts can be rotating. There would be card-making, beading, drawing, etc.

There would be pictures by local artists on the walls. These, too, would be rotating, let's say once a month.

Several book stores here in Seattle, as well the main library, have espresso stands.

Carrie said...

How about music? Soothing music and nature based music.

Cushy soft things - pillows, throw blankets, scarves.

Picture frames of all sorts. Modern, jeweled, intricate wood, all shapes and sizes to treasure our loved ones.

Marie said...

I would like to see candles, and incense. These kinds of things tend to relax me when things get crazy.

marja said...

I would like a store with an endless array of papers for making notecards: different colors, textures, weights.

Also, a good selection of journals.

I like your idea of a bookstore with a window seat where I could sit as long as I want to have a good look into books before I decide to buy.

I also like good quality second-hand bookstores.

Oh yes! ...and a consignment store with outrageously interesting clothes - things you would never find elsewhere.

Syd said...

What a great exercise!

Here are a few items on my Bipolar Store Wishlist:

1. Candles. I know someone else already said this, but I had to say it again. There's something so relaxing about a dark room lit only be lots and lots of glowing candles.

2. Throws in lots of luxurious colors and textures - the softer and warmer the better.

3. Gourmet coffees and teas and beautiful mugs to drink from.

4. Soothing massage oils (aromotherapy-scented, of course).

5. Vases. There's something soothing about fresh-cut that always makes me feel better. One can never have too many nice vases to put them in.