Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Bipolar Store (Part 2)

Thanks to everyone who contributed yesterday about what they'd like to see in a Bipolar Store. I had meant to post part two early today but I spent the day moving furniture while we had our carpets cleaned. Yikes! What a chore. Anyway, here it is...

6. Puppies. Pet therapy is also effective and wouldn't it be healing to have a puppy adoption center for SPCA dogs? Did you know that petting an animal lessens stress?

7. Aromatherapy. Again, this works in an adjunctive way. I'm big on bubble baths and I'd love to see a department with my favorite labels as well as soaps.

8. Food. Well, I'm currently on a diet so naturally I'm thinking about food...all the time. But, I think that a juice bar, coffee bar, and hors deuvre's bar would be just the thing. Maybe we'd serve High Tea. (The graphic is from the British Council.)

9. Massage. The newest addition at my local mall is a storefront where you go in for 15 minute massages. Looks good to me.

10. Chapel. We could have a small chapel for contemplation and prayer. If you're not familiar with the work of Dr. Larry Dossey regarding prayer and meditation, you should read his book, Prayer is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer.

These are some of my fantasies. What are yours?



When working in a nursing home, we'd bring in pets. It was beautiful the way these friendly creatures lifted everyone's spirits. Those living through senile dementia were able to connect to something real and loving. There's a bookstore here in Seattle which is packed with cats. Their a hit. The owner was the person who gave me a little kitty, who is, 17 years later, my pride and joy. So, your ASPCA idea is great!

Cindy said...

I'd vote for yoga supplies and a meditation room adjunct to the chapel.

And fresh flowers.