Friday, August 17, 2007

Bipolar Bubbling

I've had to postpone my Bipolar Bubbling event due to a lack of supplies. If you read Bipolar Anger (Part 2), you'll see that I devised a Bipolar Bubbling Away Anger Event. I planned to develop a Transgression List, read each one aloud, and free myself of it by using kids' bubble wands to send them into the universe.

The problem is that I haven't had time to get the bubble wands I want. I Googled "bubble wands" and found this great place, Bubble Rock, that is about a 45 minute drive from my house. (And when I look at their wands, I'm thinking this bubbling activity would not only be great for me but for my mom and her friends at Casa Del Mar--that's not the real name but it will do.)

So, I plan on a field trip to Bubble Rock and I won't be able to take it until next week. I do want to thank Marie, Gay Bipolar Guy, and JayPeeFreely for their comments on Wednesday's blog. Marie, yes I do believe that some people shouldn't be forgiven. Staggo, I know that bubbles pop and float away...which I think is a good image for what I'd like my anger to do. JayPee, the idea of batting away anger at a batting cage is very appealing. Although I haven't mentioned it, I'm a terrific athlete and this could be quite fun!

But, here's the that I've written about anger for a few days...I'm kind of done with mine. However, I still think that Bipolar Bubbling would be great fun. And I'm thinking I might turn it into a more spiritual activity. And...I'm also thinking it would be fun to do it from the shore rather than the bluffs.

Thus, this is an event in progress. My first step is to go to Bubble Rock. My second is to do more research on bubbles. Also, I plan on finding a new book on forgiveness and think that perhaps that I may recite some prayers, poems, or passages on forgiveness (before or after bubbling).

If there are others who are interested in Bipolar Bubbling, we might consider synchronized bubbling (kind of like Esther Williams and swimming) or just write about our bipolar bubbling experiences.

I welcome any and all suggestions. As always (at least for the last few weeks), I'm offline all weekend. See you on Monday!

P.S. A fellow blogger at "depression introspection" (see blogroll because the link is doing weird stuff)is sliding into a depression. Just thought you might want to visit her blog and wish her good thoughts.


JayPeeFreely said...

It must be an oddity to find another lefty in the blogging world, so Martina Nava..I can't spell her damn name!

I was never very good at Tennis, just never practiced...but I like the game. (Just all that running around you have to do unless you can ace a person...)

I think being lefty is cool too. (Just needed a hook for a post - it wasn't that good of a post.)

Esther Williams. I tell you, if I could be transported back to 1950, and meet, and well, date her, I think I'd be a very happy man!!!
(She would eat crackers in my bed.)

Anywho, we all have to get out our anger...hell a post or two is the cure.

Blowing bubbles, that may be a ticket too.

take care & game,set, match!



I love it--a "National Bipolar Bubble Blowing Get Your Demons Out Day".

I don't remember ever reading you are an athlete. Now, there's a great way to stabilize. I swim a lot until I'm exhausted. I start all twisted up and end relaxed by all those endorphins.

Surrender Dorothy said...

I've just discovered this blog. Your write-about-wellness approach is inspiring. I'm new to the blogosphere, but not to manic-depressive illness. I've begun to browse the other bipolar-interest blogs you've listed. Is there a fairly active community of bloggers who consistently read eachother's blogs, comment, and support each other? Please comment at my blog to reply. Thank you so much.

Howard said...

" that I've written about anger for a few days...I'm kind of done with mine"

There you go!

Writing strikes (positively) again!