Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who's Mentally Ill?

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed by "mentally ill" behavior by so-called "normal" people. Three episodes stand out.

Episode 1
My mother had a tear in her leg. Her skin is very thin but this was a particularly bad one. There has been a problem with her new doctor at her assisted living facility, and a problem with the head nurse. I had everything under control and was handling it. Out of nowhere, my sister--who's a control freak--once again felt the need to undermine my authority and take over.

Episode 2
I was taking both of our dogs on leashes for a walk. My 24 pound terrier was attacked by a pit bull. As the pit bull had my dog's paw in his mouth, his owner started screaming at me that her dog doesn't bite.

Episode 3
A month ago a friend's mother fell and broke her arm and pelvis. My friend's brother and his wife who allegedly came to help--didn't--and then stole all of the staples in my friend's mother's guest house and refrigerator on their way out of town.

I ask you: Who's mentally ill?

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SUHNiBELL said...

the dog example is hilarious...