Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Sound of Music

Sometimes, a blogger reveals something personal that totally changes her readers' perception. Here goes...my favorite film of all time is The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. I've seen it as many times as my husband has seen The Godfather (Part 1, of course). and I know all the songs by heart.

I tell you this because some days, no matter how well I'm feeling, I'm just off. Yesterday was one of those days. I've been waiting a week for a new prescription for my eyeglasses and I've been having a low-grade headache for the last few days. Also, I can't read as much as I usually do because I have blended lenses and needed a fairly strong change to the reading part of the glasses. So I couldn't work on my manuscript.

I was recovering from all the emotion of Saturday night with my mother. I spent the morning at the optometrist, then went to the library and checked out five black-and-white photography books for me and five books on watercolors for my husband. I had lunch, read for awhile, and took a brief nap. And I still didn't feel energized.

Ordinarily I would have taken a walk but I was too tired. So after dinner, I decided to do yet one more thing that I know makes me happy: I watched The Sound of Music for the 100th time (I'm just guessing). The music by Rogers and Hammerstein is sublime. Robert Wise did a wonderful job of direction.

I can't tell you how much I love Julie Andrews. She's one of my favorite actresses of all time. Christopher Plummer is perfect as Captain Van Trapp. The scenery is spectacular. And it's a feel-good story.

While I've since learned that the film isn't very accurate, and the link I'm providing tells a more accurate story, unlike Joan Gearin who's written the "real story" for the National Archives, whenever I feel sad, I sing My Favorite Things. I get tears in my eyes when I sing Edelweiss. And when I feel at all self-doubting, I sing I Have Confidence in Me.

So, since I've shared my deepest secret about my favorite cornball film, my question is: What's yours (favorite cornball film, that is)?


JayPeeFreely said...

For The Boys with Bette Midler. In what might be the most strangest
moment of my "doing time" phase of life, about 10 guys were watching this movie at 5AM in the morning in the county jail.

At a point of high drama, there wasn't a dry eye in this cellblock.

Imagine: 10 dudes locked up for various reasons and likely going to be inside for a while, watching a Bette Midler movie and crying.

Some hardened criminal we were.


Okay, Susan--here's the corny movie I watch when I'm down: Now Voyager, with Bette Davis. She starts out as a frumpish, neurotic mess and ends up chic, confident, and in love. What more can a bipolar ask for?

Susan Bernard said...

Dear JayPee and Gay Bipolar Guy:
Are you fellows brave or what? Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to watch both films.


Daily Dose said...

For me its Dirty Dancing...I cannot get enough of it :)

Susan Bernard said...

I like that film too!


Marie said...

I like the deep stuff. Good Will Hunting and The Shawshank Redemption.

Susan Bernard said...

I like those films as well. I just don't watch them when I'm trying to energize myself!


marja said...

I like Fiddler on the Roof and would probably watch that if I had a copy at hand. I have very few dvd's. But I do have a copy of Jake Hess gospel songs. He always boosts my spirit with his sparkling eyes and his treating the difficulties of life with humor.

But I love The Sound of Music too. One of my all-time favorite songs from it is Climb Every Mountain. It held a lot of significance for me when I was younger.