Friday, July 6, 2007

More Bipolar Lyrics

The following are my lyrics to Red River Valley, an American folk song. They describe how I felt when the therapist who saw me for so many years, told me she was leaving. If you don't know the song, I'm linking to this great site, National Institutes of Health, which provides lyrics and audio for hundreds of songs.

The Loss I Never Knew

From this practice you say you are leaving,
I will miss your insight and low fees,
You have been there for me in the clinches,
If you'd just diagnosed my disease.

You know manic-depression's a bummer,
The symptoms are not always clear,
Still, my highs and my lows were so disparate,
Yet you missed them for more than eight years.

Now that I know you'll be leaving,
I am sad but I am angry too,
We are ending where we might have started,
And I mourn the loss I never knew.

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