Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mixed States

Dear Bipolar Wellness Readers,
Marie wrote a comment on my post from yesterday. She is currently experiencing a mixed state of hypomania and depression. While I've read about it, I've never experienced it. So...if you do or have, I'd appreciate it if you'd either share your experience with Marie or you'd suggest other sites she might visit.

Marie, my first suggestion would be to contact your psychiatrist about this. In my experience, some of these problems are medication-induced--but that may just be me. As you know by now, in most cases, I'm the exception to the rule.

My second suggestion is to do research. Off the top, I'd suggest Living Manic Depressive by our friend Jinnah, Dr. Phillip Long's Internet Mental Health, Dr. Goldberg's Depression Central, and McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web.

If anyone has better suggestions or more personal information, please write ASAP.



P.S. Marie, I was just checking out some blogs from my blogroll and visited Meredith's The Mental Feminist and she's got a link on mixed states to Empirical Insanity. Both posts may be helpful.


Daily Dose said...

Thanks for visiting my New Blog! I will link you, too. :)

I experienced both hypomania and depression and my shrink told me that it is called "Mixed States."

It is very frustrating to say the least.

Marie - I hope you feel better soon.


Kira said...

The descriptions of bipolar mixed states at Empirical Insanity fit my recent experiences perfectly! Thank you so much for that link!

I recently came out of a mixed state, and wrote about my experiences on my blog. I'm not sure if Marie will benefit from reading my personal account, however, as I am not currently receiving any type of treatment and am not on medication (though am contemplating seeing a pdoc in the near future). I will let you know what my doctor says about the mixed episodes when I finally gain the courage to take that step.

Marie, I hope you find the support and care you need - I know how excruciating mixed states can be!



Marie said...

Susan, thanks for the mention and your concern. It is greatly appreciated.

My latest post on the poetry blog has sparked some controversy.

I think it is time I go to the free mental health clinic here in town to re-register so I can be put back on meds. As I have said before, I have tried many of them over the years and nothing seems to really work for me. I can always keep trying.

Susan Bernard said...

Although I've written to you privately, I guess I also need to address this issue publicly as well.

I strongly believe in "writing to heal" and I believe you are entitled to write about whatever you want.

I'm sorry that your poem upset some of your readers; but that's their problem, not yours.

Personally, I love your poem and I feel that it's heroic to write about something that has caused so much pain and suffering.

I'm very proud of you and admire your talent and your courage.


Darrel said...

I suffer from mixed states and have for over 30 years. I have been diagnosed with everything from manic depression to just 'plain lazy'. I was diagnosed with mixed states about a year and a half ago. I've started a blog where I am trying to help others better understand depression. If you'd like to critique the blog I'd be happy to add anything that you might think would help. I'm pretty intense about this

sbwrites said...

Dear Darrell,
I appreciate your interest in pursuing all this, and wish you the best of luck. For health reasons, I've stopped writing my blog, and have decided to stop reading all things related to bipolarity. So, I apologize for not being able to look at your material.

Again,best of luck!