Monday, July 16, 2007

Bipolar Writers and Friends

Today I had planned on posting a review of Howard Freeman's (he's better known on these pages as dootz from SurfCountry) new book: Lullabye: Memories, Madness, and Midnight Snacks. I've read it. I love it. But I've had some family issues this weekend and have only finished writing half of the review. You can read about it here in a few days or go ahead and buy it on Howard is a talented essayist and I think you'll love his book.

Next week, I'll post my review of Riding the Roller Coaster: Living with Mood Disorders by Marja Bergen. I'm sure that most of you know her from her blog, Roller Coaster. She, too, is a talented writer (and photographer and artist). Her book is one of the most positive books I've ever read on mood disorder. And if you're interested in spirituality, it's a must for your library.

The best thing about this blog is meeting a group of soul mates with whom to discuss my symptoms as well as a group of friends I truly like. So, thank you Howard, Marja, Sydney, Jinnah, Jason, Staggo, Diane, and so many more.

It's an added plus to find people I like who are so talented in so many ways!

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"Misery likes company" is a cynical phrase, but I found that there is a great positive side to this. Reading, meeting, knowing others with mood disorders teaches me so much, and it's so good to read and hear from others. Thanks for the book titles.

BTW--Your suggestion, Capitol Crimes by Barnfield was a great one. I loved the book.