Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Writer Needs New Glasses

Today I was all set to put forth a "super-human" effort to meet tomorrow's deadline. Then I reread all the material I was given (more than a hundred pages...with sample interviews, resources etc.). Somehow, I missed the fact that they changed the deadline from the 13th to the 19th. Or maybe I just need new glasses.

I've been reprieved. Hallelujah! My first to-do item is to call the optometrist for an appointment. My second is to take a few deep breaths. My third is to read today's newspaper while slowing sipping a cup of coffee.

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JayPeeFreely said...

In college, I one time had a Mechanical Engineering test on Statics (the first course in that major, luckily I wasn't an ME, but an IE) and I was studying very hard the night before in the Piper's lounge, a hangout for the dorm I was in.

As I was studying, people I knew were in my class came trickling by, with their backpacks. So I stopped, and asked, "where are you all coming from?"

"The test...it was a killer. How'd you get back so fast?"

You can imagine how I felt at that moment...like an idiot.

I went to the syllabus, and saw the problem. ( I did not got to lecture the day before...)The date
I pulled coincided with a assignment number due the next day.

I exploded. Threw my walkman against the wall, shattering it in about 10 pieces.

Now, that was totally immature. But I wasn't exactly scoring A's, B's or even C's in these courses.

So the next morning I showed up at 6AM to talk to the professor. He got there at 7AM. After a terse conversation, does any professor ever do anything less, he allowed me to take the test, starting from 60% maximum score.

I got a 39 for my work.

Enjoy the coffee!