Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stretching Myself at UCLA

I'm almost finished with my photography class. The written final is on Wednesday. Yesterday morning, I was up at 6:00 a.m. to finish my "final project." I was planning on doing a photo essay at UCLA. It's my alma mater and my husband's as well as my mother's and father's. I thought I would be able to define what UCLA means to me, but the outcome was disappointing (The shots I'm using aren't mine because I don't have a digital camera).

Still, I had a wonderful time at UCLA. I felt like I was a sophomore all over again (I attended UC Berkeley my freshman year).

It's kind of interesting at this stage of my life to begin a new hobby at which I'm so inept. But I'm truly enjoying myself and getting better each time. There's a certain humility in trying something new and remembering what it's like to be a novice.

My illness is the only thing in my life I haven't been able to overcome. With most every other endeavor, I find that self-discipline, hard work, a positive attitude, a determination to succeed, and a willingness to persevere enable me to excel.

With photography, I feel like I'm stretching myself in new ways...finding a new vocabulary to express my feelings...developing new skills...learning about new equipment...allowing myself to learn through my failures as well as my successes...using the right side of my brain...

It feels good!


marja said...

...and a creative spirit obviously helps. I feel the same way about my painting. Learning new things keeps us young.

Howard said...

"My illness is the only thing in my life I haven't been able to overcome."

I can relate - latest depressive bout Sunday afternoon into this morning. Writing helps a LOT in general but still don't feel up for it now.

Thanks for this post. It was a pick-me-up. Best wishes on your final!

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

I sure agree with Marja on this. Also, as I've said before, I sometimes feel that when a depression is ending, it's easier to be with people we don't know than those we do.