Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Other Bipolar Blogs

I'll finish the Family Loyalty post when I've got more time. Marie, thanks again for your comment. In the meantime, during this period when I don't have a lot of time to write, I'd like to recommend a few other posts at other blogs.

Syd from Bipolarity has written two wonderful posts on Forgiveness. Be sure to check them out. They're heartfelt and thought-provoking! She's the author of a new book, which I'll let her tell you about. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but I know it will be good. She's a terrific writer.

Marja from Roller Coaster wrote a wonderful post about Faith and Mental Well-Being. She's also the author of Riding the Roller Coaster: Living with Mood Disorders , which I plan on reading and reviewing as soon as I have a moment to breathe. I've just read the introduction and it looks great!

Staggo Lee from Gay Bipolar Guy has posted some beautiful art work on his site as well as a lovely poem from Frederico Garcia Lorca. Also read his piece called Chapter 9, which is on his childhood in Cleveland. I found it quite moving.

Howard Freeman from SurfCountry has written a wonderful book, Lullabye, which I plan on reviewing as soon as I have time to write something thoughtful. His daily essays are a treat!

The Mental Feminist has newly linked to me. She's a college student. Check her out!

JayPeeFreely from No More Mr. Nice Guy has written a touching piece called Take You Back: My First Blog Entry. He writes about baseball but he's also written some wonderful fiction pieces that are sort of difficult to describe.

Polly from polarcoaster has written an interesting piece, I Fear I Am Not in My Perfect Mind. It's worth reading!

If I've left you out and you're writing posts I should know about, let me know. I'm swamped and don't have a lot of time to spend online these days.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Susan,

I just dropped by and read your 2 newest posts. Great posts, shows the writer in you. It's nice to know that you have found something positive to counteract the negative effects of bipolar. Being a writer, you can also contribute in the upliftment of the depressed spirits of fellow sufferers. Kudos for that. I will read your previews posts on my next visit. God bless you with all the wonderful things in life.


Susan, I deeply appreciate your including my blog as one you see worthy of others' time. This is the warmest, kindest compliment I could possibly receive. Thank you!

JayPeeFreely said...

Susan, thank's for the link back.

I don't think my fiction is all that. I've been blocked on the finishing up of Not Always. I mean, I know where it should go, but the technical details I want are escaping me... (meaning: I don't know about stock options and some lingo I'd like to know)

Anyways, I read about forgiveness and I'll give you some food for thought. It will enlighten you about me...

Don't tear up too many plants. I know you don't now...;)

Always a pleasure, JPF