Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh Happy Day

FYI...the photo on the right is by one by one of my favorite photographers, Berenice Abbott. It's called "Brooklyn Bridge, Water, and Dock Streets," and was taken in 1936.

Thanks to Polly and Chica for their good wishes for my photography final. Although I studied, I haven't taken a final in decades and I never took a multiple choice exam when I was in college. Also, since the technical side of photography was so new to me, there was a tremendous amount of information to learn and I was a bit overwhelmed by the exam.

As I sat down to take it, I got that feeling in my stomach that I used to have in my geometry classes in high school (the last time I took math). As a "math challenged" person, it wasn't the most pleasant feeling either.

Still, once the exam was over, I felt great. Our very last task was to go through all our slides (or digital images) and pick the top 20 for our final project. When I looked back at how far I'd come in only eight weeks, it was quite gratifying!

Actually, the class represented so much more. For the first time in 14 years, I finally felt that I would be well enough to commit to an eight-week class. And so I was. It was a great way to meet new people. Four of us will be taking the next-level class in the fall (and that feels good too).

As one of the older students, it was fun to be in a class with kids who are my son's age (as well as my peers and a few people in their thirties). This was a truly diverse group in terms of age, sex, ethnicity, and background. And I genuinely liked most of the people.

Not only did I learn about photography, but this was the first art class I've ever taken. When I was an undergraduate years ago, I took art history, but not art. I must admit that I'm rather "art challenged" as well as "math challenged." But I do have a "good eye" and at this time in my life, I feel that I can pursue all areas of interest--whether I'm good in them or not.

While I'm still somewhat tired today and have a slew of other work (writing projects with deadlines) that I need to catch up on, yesterday was truly a happy day. And for that I am deeply grateful.

P.S. Got a comment from Lena who wrote that when she's hypomanic, her face and ears hurt. Anyone have those symptoms?


Chica. said...

"Got a comment from Lena who wrote that when she's hypomanic, her face and ears hurt."

Maybe they hurt from smiling too much? *giggles*

"Dootz" said...

Congrats, Susan, on getting through FINALS WEEK!

I met Berenice Abbott years ago - my mother's first cousin worked for her - when she had an exhibit at the New York Academy of Science. There were strobe photos that demonstrated principles of physics. What a talented lady she was!

PS: My body parts don't hurt when I am hypomanic, but I learned through this recent cycle that illness (flu, etc.) always precipitates depression. Behavioral? Mmmmm.

Syd said...

Congratulations, Susan. What a wonderful accomplishment to have taken the course and made it through. There is something so therapeautic about art. I don't know if was you or Marja who made the comment about learning to express ourselves through art without having to utter a single word.

I know you don't have a digital camera, but any chance you could take your negatives to Wal-Mart and have them "digitized" (?) so that you can post them? I'd love to see your work!

marja said...

Congratulations, Susan! I love that picture by Berenice Abbott. I'd never heard of her before.

Are you planning to get into any black and white work down the road a bit?

" this time in my life, I feel that I can pursue all areas of interest--whether I'm good in them or not." - I feel the same way about this. It's wonderful to be sixty years young, isn't it?

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Syd, I must say that my photographs weren't exactly inspirational. But once I get the final ones back from my professor--she said it won't be for a week or ten days--I'll see if I can digitize the best. Thanks for asking. Actually, at this stage, I believe I see better shots than I am able to take.

Marja, I'd love to take black and white shots. We used slides for the class and I guess they no longer make black-and-white slide film. But, yes, I've always loved black and white photographs more than color.

Just for the record...I'm 57 years young (smiling face).