Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hypomania Revisited (Part 3)

I so appreciate everyone's contribution and comments on today's post, namely, JayPeeFreely, Marja, Gay Bipolar Guy, Polly, and Syd. In answer to some of the questions and comments:

1. I love it that JayPee spent $50 on ink and 28 pound paper. Even though my grandfather was a printer, I'm not sure that I've ever bought 28 pound paper. But now that's my goal. Question: Should I truly use JayPee's possible excess as behavior worth modeling? Answer: Absolutely yes!

2. Marja, I, too take on too many projects. What I didn't mention is that I volunteered to teach H's (the woman who gives me manicures and has become a good friend) daughter how to play the guitar. In the midst of this big writing project, I gave her a lesson yesterday. I also jumped rope with her and gave her some little gifts (things from home) that I thought she'd enjoy.

3. Gay Bipolar Guy gave some good ideas on how to reign in spending. In my quest to be honest, I must admit that today I bought a new address book and 10 of my favorite erasers for pencils (I lost my last supplier and found them at the community college).

4. I agree with Polly about the books. But I think it's great that all of us seem to love books, pens, ink, paper, and those kinds of things. Just something else we have in common.

5. Syd, I'd like to know about the software program that helps control budgeting. I, too, used to come up with all these wonderful creative and business ideas when I was hypomanic that I wasn't interested in pursuing when I was depressed.

Tomorrow is my day to play the Autoharp at my mom's assisted living facility. And I'm still furiously writing and interviewing. But my deadline has been extended to Monday so I'm feeling good about it!

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Meredith said...

About yesterday's post--I buy books AND take on too many projects. I think it's really funny that all of us who read your blog seem to like books, ink, paper, pens, etc. What a "nerdy" bunch of people!