Monday, June 4, 2007

Bipolar Creativity and Online Success

Today's post is about creative activities in our "village" and online success. Obviously I can only write about things I if you're doing a new project or involved in something wonderful, let us know. Also, I'm happy to review books although I must admit that money is scarce these days so if you want me to review yours, you'll have to send me a review copy.

One of the most wonderful things in the world is to be able to recommend a book I like very much written by someone I like. Later this week I will review Howard Freeman's new book, Lullabye. Howard, a new friend, is perhaps better known as "Dootz" and he writes SurfCountry. Well, he just self-published a book of essays that I genuinely like. He's a talented writer and I think you'll love his new book. My review will run as soon as my photography final is over. Stay tuned...

I highly recommend that everyone go to Marja's site, to see a new watercolor she's painted. I think it's great! Also, she's the author of Riding the Roller Coaster: Living with Mood Disorders. Although I haven't read it, she gives great advice so I'd urge you to buy it!

I've just been hired to write for a relaunched website although I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement but I'll tell you about it when I can. Also, my memoir, Bipolar Depression Unplugged: A Survivor Speaks Out will be released as an Ebook in July and a paperback in October. I'll give you the particulars when I know more.

I guess that's all I know except that I've been nominated for Best Health Blog as have some others. It would be nice if you would vote for us. My blog is listed as because that's the official name. I've also been nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award but I'm not yet sure what that means. Howard "tagged" me. He's been nominated too.

If anyone else has been nominated for anything else, let us know. While I'm new to all this award stuff, I think it's great if we support each other and contribute to each other's successes.

And I'd like to share the best online success story that I know. A few years ago, I took an online class from a guy named Jim Edwards who wrote an Ebook on How to Write an Ebook in 7 Days. While I don't really believe it's possible to write any book in seven days, it was Jim's "hook" and his class was about how to launch a mini-website to sell your book. It was my first real immersion in all this online stuff.

Each week, Jim sent us CD's with class materials. He taught us through group conference calls. I was amazed by all that was available online.

Most of all, I liked Jim's story. As I remember, a few years before he wrote his first Ebook, his business had failed and so had his health because he was so down and out. He and his wife were in debt, and things looked bleak. But...then he wrote an Ebook about buying real estate without an agent (as I recall) and he turned his life around. Of course, I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Jim's point was that with every site he launched, he would generate a mailing list of 13,000 people within a year. At the time I took his class, I believe he was earning over a million dollars annually. And he and his friends (mostly computer geek types) were involved in multiple businesses with each other.

I was amazed by what I learned although at the time I couldn't figure out how to adapt it to my sensibilities. The problem was that Jim and I have different aesthetics and a different orientation to life. He's really a marketeer and I'm a writer. So, I'm not interested in writing books just to make money. Rather, I need to write what I feel passionately about--whether they sell or not.

But I did learn a lot from Jim. Someday, I think I'll be able to utilize what I learned and make a living online. But not quite yet. The funny thing is that I was intending to try and make a little bit of money from this blog but within a few days of launching it, I realized that I couldn't include "Google Ad Words" because they recommend products I don't necessarily endorse. And I can't even list "" book recommendations because I don't necessarily agree with the bipolar books they endorse.

However, recently a dear friends suggested that we might develop an online business together and I'm mulling it over. And suddenly, after quite a drought, I'm getting writing assignments again and genuinely enjoying myself. And I do believe, "if you do what you love, the money will follow."


marja said...

"if you do what you love, the money will follow."

That's true, Susan. But the trouble is when a person changes interests all the time, as I do - as so many bipolars do. I started a child photography business a couple of years ago and have got totally side-tracked. I love doing too many things.

JayPeeFreely said...

Hey Susan, thanks for the read. I hope I'll finish that short off in a way that will be worth it to you, the reader.

I've been sidetracked from my baseball project, but I think that's good for a bit. (I have little confidence that it would be of great interest to anyone...)

Maybe you could take your currently 'inept' photography experience and apply it to bipolar wellness? That's just a thought...

I too wanted to create some revenue via google, but it would be hard to follow their guidelines. Like the copyright stuff - the pictures I post are from google searches - but for a blog it works. And no one cares all that much to question that.

Anyways, be well Susan Spartan! (Demolition Man reference)

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
I wonder if that's a bipolar trait. I know that during a hypomania I tend to write book proposals for books I'm not interested in writing when I'm well. I also tend to try and learn new instruments. But in terms of work, my interests have always focused on writing projects--whether I'm well or sick. I wonder what others have to say about this.

Interesting! I'll keep reading your current series. I've just been a bit swamped. I kind of like the Susan Spartan/Demolition Man thing!


Myddfai1 said...

Friday, June 8, 2007

On Thursday I was summoned to the superintendent of schools and officially non-renewed. My director of my department, who would have communicated to the superintendent, is a PhD psychologist. He had 'a talk' with me about how there is a "prickly Claire" and a "warm and fuzzy Claire". Can I make a disability claim on my employment if they knew and didn't refer me to EAP?
Thanks so much. All peace to all. CC.

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

I really have no idea about disability claims but there are many bipolar sites where you can get that information. I would recommend starting at About: Bipolar Disorder. But if you google bipolar and disability, I'm sure you'll find the answer.