Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It Takes A Village

I was intending to write more about medication side effects but a member of our "village" needs help and support and it's beyond my area of expertise and experience. Bipolar Chica who writes Conversations in My Mind is suffering from post partum depression as well as anxiety and spent two days in the hospital. I'm leaving early this morning for a day-long field trip for my photography class and won't be home until dinner time. So...

I'm hoping that those of you who have survived post partum depression can provide support and reassurance about your experience. And those of you who have been hospitalized can provide information and support as well.

I know there are mental health sites, which can provide a wealth of information, tips, and guidance and it would be nice for people to make recommendations of their favorites sites. It's been a long time since I've researched them and I'm not sure which ones to recommend.

I know that Psych Central provides a wealth of information. There's a group called Postpartum International, which would seem to be a good resource although I personally don't know about them. Mental Health Sanctuary provides a lot of information but again, they're new to me. Dr. Deborah Serani has a popular blog. Living Manic Depressive provides a wealth of information and this is a site I can personally recommend.

What I also know is that I've had days--like everyone else--where I was feeling so bad that I just hoped that someone would reach out to me and say, "Let me help you. What do you need? What information can I help you find? What concerns do you have that I might answer?"

Or perhaps I would have felt better if someone had just written to say, "I want you to know that I care, I'm thinking about you, I'm praying for you, I'm asking others to send positive energy your way."

Bipolar Chica, hang in there. While my blog is not a "crisis-intervention" type of blog nor do I provide the kind of information I believe you may need at this juncture in your journey, there's a wealth of information out there that people in this "village" may be able to recommend. I hope that today, while I'm gone, others will step forward, and make contact.


My Pseudonym is Bipolar Chica. said...

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Although I chose not to be hospitalized, this is still a journey that is very new to me.

My support system, aka parents, will be in place for a couple of weeks, but then after that I'm on my own. I'm hoping that the increase in my Lamictal and the addition of the Zyprexa will do the trick.

If anyone has any information to share, I would be grateful.

marja said...

Thanks for alerting us to Chica's needs, Susan. I've left a comment on her blog.

Have a great field trip.