Wednesday, May 9, 2007


For those of you who are old enough--like me--you'll remember the early days of going to films when there was an intermission. Usually, they continued to run the sound track throughout and it was an opportunity to stretch, use the facilities, and buy refreshments.

Well, for the next day or so, I need to take an Intermission from blogging. Last night, due to a family commitment, I didn't return home until late. Today I have a big project due for the photography class I'm taking at a local community college. We had to pick a photographer whose work we admire and who's got an least one published book of photographs, shoot 12 images from the book--outside on a table and bracket them--(Marja, it's too bad you live in another country. I sure could have used your expertise.), prepare a five to ten minute talk, and make an oral presentation.

I chose Irving Penn because I like his style and there was a wonderful book of his photographs in the college library. What I particularly enjoy is the drama of his compositions, his choice of subjects, and the extraordinary quality of his prints. The photo on the right is of Martha Graham. (I didn't shoot it. It was online. I've got to pick up my work this morning at the lab.)

My day hasn't started and I'm already pooped--just thinking of all I need to do. I would love to spend tomorrow eating bon bons and reading a "trashy" novel (actually my vice is detective novels and mysteries) but I'm not sure that I'll be able to. Still, it does sound enticing, doesn't it?

I appreciate all the comments about yesterday's blog. Thanks to Javier, Carolyn, Jo, JayPeeFreely, and Marja. I've read what you've written but I haven't had a moment to respond. You've brought up some interesting points that I need to think about.

Congrats to BamaGal (she sings) and Jinnah (he wrote a poem) who've passed the Support Group Auditions. Welcome to my imaginary online support group with a name that is yet to be determined. Any ideas? A friend of mine (who's not bipolar) wants to join so that she can play the spoons. (I believe she qualifies just because she asked to participate in an imaginary group.) If you'd like to join, let us know how you can contribute (Do you sing, dance, play an instrument, write, or have any other skills that might amuse us?).

That's it from La-La land. See you in a day or so!

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JayPeeFreely said...

Intermission, we don't need no stinky intermissions!!! LOL

I'm on my 10-day hiatus from the world...every day is day 1.

See ya!!!