Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dragon Boating

I learned about Dragon Boating when I talked with one of the founders and a few board members from Team Survivor Los Angeles, a local affiliate of a national organization, which provides free exercise, health education, and support for women cancer survivors. (The photograph is from the View Sonic Long Beach Dragon Festival and was taken by Chuck Bradford.)

Dragon Boating really piques my interest. According to the Team Survivor LA website description of their Dragon Boat Training Program, "Dragon Boating is a team sport in which 20 paddlers manually power a 40 foot long boat. It builds strength, stamina, and coordination while promoting teamwork. Workouts begin with stretching and warm up. Participants then get in the boat and paddle for approximately one hour."

Personally, I think it's a great wellness activity although for me the time commitment is too much for my current lifestyle. However, if you're interested in pursuing this, I've listed some sites under Links.

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